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Brooke Deterline    

Partner & CEO of Courageous Leadership

As the CEO of Courageous Leadership, LLC, Brooke Deterline and her colleagues help boards, executives, and teams develop the understanding and skills to act with ethical courage and ingenuity to overcome complex and challenging social and business issues. Building on her experiences as the founding Corporate Director for the Heroic Imagination Project with Phil Zimbardo, she combines social and cognitive psychology and a strategic focus with a passion for leadership, empowerment, collaboration and impact.

Previously, Brooke co-founded Street Smart IR, a San Francisco-based investor relations firm, focusing on leadership candor and credibility and corporate social responsibility. A former journalist at SmartMoney magazine and trained mediator, she focuses on building positive relationships, surfacing individual and systemic challenges that interfere with collaboration, and helping teams achieve structural, team, and individual patterns that support long-term integrity, innovation and success. Brooke has a passion for working with multi-cultural teams and organizations focused on making a difference. Brooke has completed numerous courses in leadership, multi-cultural facilitation and social entrepreneurship, including certifications in CSR and corporate board training at Berkeley’s Haas School, mediation training at the Justice Center of Atlanta, and exec finance at Stanford. Recently, Brooke completed an intensive professional course on Positive Neuroplasticity with Rick Hanson, PhD.

Speech Topics


Achieve the awareness, skills and social support to help ensure ethically courageous and wise individual and team action under pressure.

Team Building for Collaboration and Organizational Resilience

Build Socially Fit teams to increase competence, collaboration, morale and organizational resilience. Similar to athletes, teams learn to leverage stress and adrenaline in challenging times to improve performance through new mindsets, increased collaboration, and social support.

Risk Management

Ensure that teams have the required awareness and skills to consistently act with ethical courage under pressure. This circumvents the often invisible social dynamics that lead to small and large-scale disasters, scandal, and significant human capital and financial loss.

Empowering a Diverse Workforce

Identify unconscious bias and social influences that can inhibit full engagement from diverse teams to honor and empower all voices and communication styles.

Stress Management

Learn to leverage stress and adrenaline to improve performance, increase competence and collaboration, and improve well-being and performance.

Develop the Power of Courageous Leadership

Develop ethically courageous leaders who are trusted, respected, and effective by ensuring that they have the skills to act in accord with their values while under pressure to inspire the best in others.

Women in Leadership

Understand the unique opportunities and challenges facing women in leadership. Empower women with the understanding and skills to positively and powerfully influence teams and organizations. Safeguard against invisible and negative situational influences. Help raise team and organizational awareness of unconscious bias and patterns that hinder the greatest engagement and collaboration.


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