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Capri Cruz, PhD    

Foster Care and Sexual Abuse Survivor Turned Deliberate Creation Expert, Author, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Retired US Navy Veteran & Transformational Speaker

Dr. Capri Cruz is an international psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, author, and life coach who helps thousands of people heal and transform their minds, hearts, and lives.

Cruz was put into foster care at the age of seven because of her parents' substance abuse. Growing up, people manipulated her mind and emotions, physically beat her, and even tried to kill her. Cruz experienced mental, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse during all major stages of growth and development as a consequence of constantly moving into one stranger's home after another, year after year.

Unable to protect herself from her environment, Cruz’s mind learned to protect herself instead. By the 10th grade, she became a high school drop-out because she ran away from her grandfather's home where she had been imprisoned and sexually abused for two years. Eventually, she ended up back in foster care where she was then kicked out a year later. Despite her misfortune, Cruz graduated with honors after being kicked out of three more homes, ultimately joining the U.S. Navy.

Cruz admits to making bad choice after bad choice in the military, most poignantly with the men she chose to have relationships with. Years of self-medicating led to years of unhealthy relationships. In her late 30s, Cruz found herself in what would be her last domestic violence relationship with her boyfriend at the time, who was 11 years her junior.

After one last close call, Cruz took conscious control of her life little by little. She received her PhD in Mental Health Counseling, which facilitated her own emotional healing and led to working in the mental health/substance abuse field helping countless others heal their own lives.

Cruz became an author, speaker, international psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, life coach, and CEO of her own for-profit and non-profit businesses. Her daughter is a fashion designer and budding entrepreneur. Cruz lives in sunny California and is the happiest and healthiest she’s ever been.

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