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Captain Jim Lovell    

Legendary NASA Astronaut; Apollo 13 Commander

A great American hero, astronaut Jim Lovell is most famous for his role in the American space age, specifically for his calm and careful command of Apollo 13. Lovell stoically articulated the five-word message, "Houston, we have a problem," which quickly became a part of the American lexicon. The infamous problem was the explosion of the oxygen system inside the Apollo 13 spacecraft--a malfunction that seemingly doomed the NASA team. Through teamwork and decisive leadership Lovell and his crew modified the lunar module into an effective lifeboat to safely return to Earth. As captain, he was instantly transformed into a national hero, and received the nation's most distinguished honors including the Congressional Space Medal of Honor and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Captain Jim Lovell's inspirational story is a testament to the essential elements of heroism: a courageous spirit, quick and well-reasoned thinking, meticulous attention to every detail, and the spirit of teamwork that guided him and his crew safely back to Earth. Harkening back to the incredible early days of space exploration and the Apollo program, Lovell applies the "time when we did bold things in space to achieve leadership" to the goals and ambitions of any organization, proving that even during challenging times, innovation and new heights of leadership can be attained. A motivational speaker with a truly unforgettable story, Lovell inspires audiences with his valiant and courageous journey.

Speech Topics

Apollo 13: A Successful Failure

Two hundred thousand miles from Earth, trapped in a tiny computerized spacecraft, Captain Jim Lovell and his Apollo 13 crew faced almost certain death when their oxygen system failed. Stepping into the problem, accepting the need for change and providing sound leadership, Lovell modified the lunar module into an effective lifeboat--conserving both electrical power and water in sufficient supply for their return to Earth. Lovell takes his audiences to the moon, brings them into the tension-filled cockpit of the Apollo 13 mission, and gives them an exciting look at the possibilities of the twenty-first century.

Apollo 13: A Successful Failure -- Joint Presentation

Gene Kranz's famous motto, "Failure is not an option!" is well known. Jim Lovell's credo is equally pithy yet powerful: "You gotta make things happen!" In this joint presentation from two of the most renowned space program pioneers, Kranz, Apollo 13's flight director, and Lovell, commander of the Apollo 13 mission, discuss and define teamwork as it applies to audiences. Together, these respected icons explain how competence, perseverance, and leadership combine to assure ultimate victory in any circumstances. Be it in a crisis situation or an ordinary day at the office, this dynamic team emphasizes the importance of control in communication and individual responsibility. For both men, who began their careers at the very beginning of the technological age, success as a unit is intertwined with focused leadership, trust and values, motivation, and the ability to understand that there is no achievement without risk.


Capt. Jim Lovell remembers Neil Armstrong --

Capt. Jim Lovell, Commander of Apollo 13, discusses the death of Neil Armstrong . Interview edited for time. (Posted: Aug. 27th, 2012)

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