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Carl Young  

Expert Leader in Simplifying Finance & Accounting & Business Management, Author, Former CFO of $275M Company,Motivational Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Business Coach.

Anyone who wants to succeed in business must understand finance and accounting, especially in today's challenging business environment. Unfortunately, many non-financial professionals find finance and accounting complex, dry, difficult, and intimidating.

Enter CARL YOUNG,MBA,Mr. Simplicity

    * MBA and advanced training in accounting and taxation

    * 25 years of experience in senior-level finance, accounting, and business management positions; author, former CFO

    * Expert trainer and motivator-20 years teaching college accounting; trained over 5,000 business professionals in finance and accounting

    * His speciality is Finance & Accounting for Non-Financial Professionals-Made Simple! He believes Finance & Accounting are Simple if Made Simple! Carl guarantees to make it simple and meaningful with fundamentals and tools that can be easily understood and applied

People Pleasing, not Pencil Pushing. Despite his depth of experience, Carl is a PFA:  People Focused Accountant. PFA could also stand for Pretty Funny Accountant, and Carl brings humor to a topic traditionally considered dry and uninteresting. Carl knows how to entertain as he educates. His sessions are lively, and his audiences have fun while they learn. As they listen to his stories and anecdotes, they will lose their fear of finance and accounting..

Mr. Simplicity says Finance & Accounting are Simple if Made Simple! This is not a Myth it is a Meaniing! Carl knows how to simplify finance and accounting, making them easy for non-financial professionals to understand and apply. Your employees and attendees will see that accounting and finances are simple when they are made simple. They will leave the session grounded in basic framework, concepts and   principles of finance and accounting. Most important, they will be able to apply what they have learned, making your business better-managed and ultimately, more profitable.


Note: Carl will work with event planners to understand specific requirements and expectations. Presentations will be specifically tailored to fit your  requirements,meet and exceed all expectations..



(Training session for non-financial professionals & entrepreneurs specificially tailored to attendees)

Presentation features:

    * Foundation & Fundamentals of Finance & Accounting

    * Accounting Process simplified-Includes simple worksheet

    * Understanding Financial Statements-Includes sample statements

    * Analyzing Financial Statements using samples

    * Cash Management


(Keynote-Seminar-Breakout; business motivational presentation for business professionals and entrepreneurs)

Current chaotic times require different R-U-L-E-S. Thriving will be easy for those who know and follow these  proven R-U-L-E-S.

Presentation Features:

    * R-U-L-E-S by an Author & CFO with experience & expertise

    * Guaranteed formula for business success in chaotic times

    * Tools & techniques for thriving not just surviving


(Keynote-Seminar-Breakout for business professionals and entrepreneurs)

Count Numbers to Keep Score! Count on People for Much More!

Numbers only provide results! People provide reasons!

Presentation Features:

    * People-shaped solutions by an author and CFO with experience & expertise

    * Business succcess formula

    * Focus on "people pleasing" vs "pencil Pushing"


(Keynote-Seminar-Breakout for aspiring achievers of all ages, including young adults and college students)

Successful people are dreamers!  They dream big dreams and do big things!

Presentation features:

    * Guaranteed Formula for Personal Success

    * Carl's limited personal success pursuit without the formula

    * Carl's unlimited current success pursuit using the formula


(Keynote-Seminar-Breakout motivvtional presentation)

Challenges audiences to make good Choices, not take unnecessary Chances and that all decisions result in Consequences that can be long lasting.

Presentation Features:

    * Making good choices

    * Staying clear of unnecessary chances

    * All decisions and actions carry consequences


(Keynote-Seminar-Breakout for couples in relationships and anyone who wants to master personal & family finances)

Couples have mixed and different reactions to finances in relationships. 

Presentation features:

    * Fun-filled presentation on managing and maintaining finances

    * Tools & techniques on managing personal & family finances using K-I-S-S-E-S

Carl's Business Success

Carl spent 19 years in a high-growth technology company that grew from $10 million to $275 million in revenue.  He started as Chief Accountant and rose through the ranks to Chief Financial Officer.  He is also a former business owner (CEO) of a manufacturing firm producing small precision parts.

Carl is a turn-around consultant and coach specializing in organization, management, business processes, internal controls and accounting systems. He has been a regional controller in the document management industry and a Senior Financial Associate in an information technology consulting firm where he specialized in creating financial frameworks for IT outsourcing contracts of $1 billion in total contract value.

Honors & Awards

    * Member of the Council of Experts of the investment firm Gerson Lehrman;

Gerson Lehrman Group Scholar (awarded to the top 20% performers)

    * Member of the Society of Industry Leaders sponsored by Standard & Poor's


Carl Young's Rules of the Business Game: It's All About People!

Thirteen practical rules designed to guide mangers and entrepreneurs to greater productivity and profits.  These rules are based on Carl's 25 years of experience in senior level finance, accounting, and business management positions and presented in an easy-to-read and understand format.

E Books:

R-U-L-E-S and TOOLS FOR THRIVING IN CHAOTIC TIMES-Guaranteed success formula for not just surviving but thriving in these chaotic business times

PEOPLE PLEASING vs. PENCIL PUSHING-Leadership and the Soft Side of Business-Challenges financial and business professionals to focus on People as the keys to business success.

FINANCE & ACCOUNTING FOR NON-FINANCIAL PROFESSIONALS-MADE SIMPLE! -Finance andAccounting is simple if made simple.  This is not a myth it is a meaning!  This E book provides basic foundation and fundamentals of finance & accounting in easy to understand and apply tools and techniques.


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