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Iconic performer and author of "Man Up: Re-imaging Modern Manhood"

Carlos Andrés Gómez is an iconic performer and author of the coming-of-age memoir "Man Up." Nominated for the Pushcart Prize and named Artist of the Year at the 2009 Promoting Outstanding Writers Awards, he co-stars in Spike Lee’s #1 movie Inside Man with Denzel Washington, Jodie Foster, and Clive Owen and appears on the sixth season of HBO’s Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry. He has headlined festivals all over the world, including South Africa, Ireland, Spain, Canada, and the U.K., most recently, as Guest of Honor at the Berlin International Literature Festival in Germany.

A former social worker and inner-city public school teacher, he grew up the child of a United Nations diplomat and indigenous rights’ advocate – moving twelve times before graduating high school while living in four countries. He has lectured and performed at over 200 colleges and universities, given a dozen keynote addresses, and facilitated countless workshops. He continues to tour the globe.


Speech Topics

MAN UP! Redefining What it Means to Be a Man

What does it mean to be a man? What is a “good man”? These and other pivotal questions are grappled with, using lessons and anecdotes from Carlos’ coming-of-age memoir Man Up, in this captivating, funny, interactive, performance-infused lecture.

Stand Up, Speak Out: Ending Bullying, Violence, & Homophobia

On the heels of a string of teen suicides, both bullying and youth violence have become hot-button issues of our day. Many of those commonly targeted have been singled out because of their sexuality or another social identifier out of their control. This lecture reveals strategies and real-life examples of how to constructively confront, diffuse, and, ultimately, stop these vicious trends.

Distinctly Beautiful: Self-Esteem & Finding Your Voice

Inspired by the Distinctly Beautiful writing exercise Carlos would assign to his students, audience members will be challenged and encouraged to fully embrace who they are. Using examples from his own life, Carlos offers up strategies for how audience members might recognize their innate power and beauty and start on the path towards carving out their unique voice – whether that be for writing, public speaking, or, simply, life.

The Gift of Fear: Using Anxiety as Fuel for Greatness

No one likes to be afraid or uncomfortable. It is only natural for a person to avoid fear and anxiety at all costs. But is it always useful to your growth as a human being? Using his own experiences as a road map, Carlos shares his story of learning to “embrace the fear and use it” – from growing up as a self-described “scaredy cat” as a child to an adult invigorated by the constant seeking out of that which frightens him most.

Forgiveness: The Cycle Ends Here

How do we break a destructive cycle? Whether it be negativity, conflict, hatred, violence, abuse, grief – Carlos draws on his experiences as an outreach worker and substance abuse counselor in New York City, working with pimps, drug dealers, gang members, and sexually-exploited adolescents, to help sketch out a path towards healing. He also shares intimate, revealing lessons from his own journey, confronting loss and divorce, and how forgiveness, ultimately, saved his life.

Breaking the Divide: Race, Class, Gender, Sexuality, & Beyond

How do we have an authentic and complex conversation about that which divides us? Carlos engages the audience in an interactive session that explores the ways we both share common ground and remain fragmented from each other, confronting the candid exchanges and overlooked experiences that shape how we live. By the end, audience members build a unique bond, having cultivated a greater empathy and understanding of each other.

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