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Carmen Wong Ulrich is the former co-creator and host of the only national, daily personal finance television show, On the Money, on CNBC. She’s the co-founder and former President of an all-female financial planning firm, Assistant Industry Professor of Finance and Risk Engineering at NYU Polytech, a former editor at MONEY magazine as well as a previous advice columnist at Good Housekeeping, Glamour, Latina, Essence and Men’s Health. Ulrich also writes for The New York Times and is the author of two books, her most recent, The Real Cost of Living.

She can be seen frequently as a regular contributor to the Melissa Harris Perry Show on MSNBC, on CBS This Morning, CNN and ABC’s The View. A former contributor to the Today Show on NBC, Ulrich has appeared on dozens of other broadcast outlets and is a seasoned speaker and moderator. She has a masters’ degree in psychology from Columbia University, Teachers College and serves on the board of the Council of Urban Professionals, the NY Urban League and the advisory boards of VIVA Broadway and Dress for Success.

Whether she is speaking to audience of executives, salespeople, financial professionals, or college students, Carmen Wong Ulrich offers an information-rich presentation that can mean the difference between living paycheck to paycheck and saving for a comfortable retirement. The result is an audience that walks away feeling confident in managing their hard-earned dollars, as well as motivated and empowered as they make their way through the often intimidating waters of personal finance.

Speech Topics

The Real Cost of Living: Making the Best Choices for You, Your Life & Your Money

Mind Over Money

In this keynote speech, Carmen Wong Ulrich discusses what we value and how we feel about our lives and ourselves. She examines how to find out what’s holding you back from making the changes you need to make to live the life you want to live. To do this, you must know your 'money-type' and how it works for or against you: money as reward, money as punishment, and money as control. Wong Ulrich will teach your audience what happens when big, bad decisions based on emotion cost us big bucks through self-assessment, forming goals, and providing tips to overcome what’s holding you back financially.

The Color of Money

Based on her experiences growing up in a community of color (Black, Hispanic, Asian) and immigrants, combined with her masters in psychology and expertise in personal finance, Carmen Wong Ulrich reveals the destructive money-lessons that we learn growing up that hold us back from living the best lives we can live. From the allure of 'bling' and misuse of credit, to a disdain of banking and fear of investing, Wong Ulrich offers the tools and knowledge to combat our subconscious tendencies, money habits that hold us back from building wealth, and teach audiences how to talk to their kids and family about money. In this content rich keynote speech, audiences will learn how to live within your means, how and where to save money, how and where to save for retirement, and how to buy a home, the right way.

Women & Money

Women not only still earn 80 cents on the dollar compared to men, but their Social Security checks are almost 40% smaller and they're out of the workforce longer to take care of children and parents. In "Women & Money", keynote speaker and financial expert Carmen Wong Ulrich discusses how women can make peace with money and why and how women should take control of their finances. Wong Ulrich discusses how to talk to your partner or spouse about money and why you need to be involved—no matter how good he/she is. How to manage the childcare costs vs. work battle (hint: it’s about more than money!) and why and how planning for our retirement is more important than planning for our kids' college.

The New Rules of Money

We thought credit cards were a good thing! We thought our homes would always go up in value! We thought we’d always have a job…or be able to get one, fast. We thought the stock market was our friend in planning for retirement. How the rules have changed and how your approach to money needs to change to adapt to today’s recessionary world—and the rebound!

In this keynote presentation, Carmen Wong Ulrich provides you with the tools to rebound, rebuild, and invest with confidence.


Personal Finance Guru: Here's How Gen Xers Sabotage Their Retirement
Personal finance expert Carmen Wong Ulrich has been talking about money since she was a little girl growing up in Harlem, N.Y. and New Hampshire.
Carmen Wong Ulrich is President and Co-Founder of ALTA Wealth Management and Assistant Industry Professor in the department of Finance and Risk Engineering at NYU Polytech. She is the former co-creator and host of the only national, daily personal finance television show, “On the Money,” on CNBC.
American Public Media Announces Nationally Recognized Personal Finance Expert Carmen Wong Ulrich to Host Marketplace Money
After an extensive nationwide search, American Public Media (APM) today announced that personal finance expert Carmen Wong Ulrich will be the new host of Marketplace Money, APM's weekend personal finance program, with programs airing the weekend of November 2.
QA with 'Real Cost of Living' author Carmen Wong Ulrich
While it's not technically accurate to say the doctor is in when Carmen Wong Ulrich hits the air for her daily "On the Money" personal finance show on CNBC, her master's degree in psychology from Columbia University has a way of cutting through the ticker tape mumbo jumbo to get to the heart of our spending behaviors.

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