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Carolyn Gross  

Carolyn Gross is an Award Winning International Speaker, Facilitator, Premier Radio Show Host for INSPIRE!

Carolyn Gross is an Award Winning International Speaker, Facilitator, Premier Radio Show Host for INSPIRE! Talk radio, Certified Time Management Trainer for Day-Timer,Past President of the National Speakers Association in San Diego and Author of Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos and Treatable and Beatable. 

Carolyn introduces effective time management techniques, relationship strategies, workplace wellness programs and customer service skills to audiences throughout the United States.  She has worked with a wide range of professionals in top resort hotels, healthcare, insurance and financial companies, the hospitality & spa industry, real estate, construction, military, and government agencies.  

After a successful 20-year career in corporate sales, marketing, and speaking, Carolyn created The Speaker Success Program for emerging professional speakers. She teaches presentation, marketing and communication skills to corporate executives, sales associates and up-and-coming speakers.  

Carolyn dedicates herself to helping others by combining creative life solutions with business principles.  Her multi-faceted approach to managing the sea of change we live in has helped companies achieve their goals. 

Whether she is delivering a presentation on “Shine or Whine: Managing Chaos with Confidenceä”, motivating employees with “Success in Life Depends Upon on Relationships” or facilitating time management training for corporations; her programs are informative, interactive and energize audiences to action.

A few clients that Carolyn has helped Manage Chaos with Confidence: Scripps Health Foundation, Hilton Hotels, SHARP Heath Care, Allstate Financial, UCSD Medical Center,Coldwell Banker, International Spa Assoc., Jazzercize, First Choice Hotels, Rancho La Puerta Resort, Betty Ford Center and Downey Savings.


Shine or Whine

Managing Chaos with Confidence

How do you respond to non-stop change and an over-scheduled life?  When bombarded with constant activity we eventually become worn-out and ineffective.   Learn how to keep shining with strategies that teach sustainability, so you can better manage those unexpected events.  This program provides solutions for self-management to help you make better decisions with more confidence. 

Success in Life Depends Upon Relationships

Conflict with customers and the work environment lowers service quality and sales. This program solves the crisis. By understanding what motivates your customers and team members, you can improve your ability to influence and manage. Using the motive management system, you will learn what drives you and gain a new understanding of how to relate to your customers and workforce.  This program delivers masterful relationship strategies that improve team spirit, build leadership skills and increase customer longevity and loyalty.

Seven Ways to Optimize Your Time

With escalating expectations and the many roles we occupy, today’s revolutionary age has created “time compression”, i.e. doing more things in less time. We no longer have work/life separation, so effective time management skills help you to be effective and spend your time on the priorities that matter most.  Identify and eliminate unnecessary interruptions, learn strategies to efficiently organize yourself first before engaging with your team, and master the ten minute meeting, protecting your optimum time.

Workplace Wellness

Time Management, Team Management and Self Management are all components to Workplace Wellness. Do you know your Emotional Quotient or coping style?  Can you be effective with personality styles that are different than yours?   This program helps build a team environment and maintain work relationships by showing you how to identify the emotional quotient of your team and how that impacts leadership, learning to relate to coping styles that differ from yours and gaining specific strategies to build communication when tension exists.

The Treatable and Beatable Mindset

How do you react when life throws you a health crisis? Are you calm and poised or spinning out of control? We cannot control 100% of the events in our lives, but we can control our reactions to them. This program is based on extensive research and personal experience where I developed the treatable and beatable mindset to healing cancer, and these principles apply to any disease or crisis one encounters!


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