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Dr. Casey Reason is a recognized expert in overcoming resistance to change, innovation.

Dr. Casey Reason is a recognized expert in overcoming resistance to change, innovation, collaboration, and leadership for next-level performance. His first book, Leading a Learning Organization: The Science of Working With Others was endorsed by the best-selling author of the One Minute Manager, Dr. Ken Blanchard. Casey has worked with a variety of clients over the years, including schools, churches, prisons, and some of the top Fortune 100 companies in the world. He currently is a featured leadership scholar and on the Executive MBA Advisory Board for Colorado Tech University. He also is currently serving as the core leadership content curriculum manager for the graduate college at Trine University in Angola, Indiana. Also, in 2010 the University of Toledo invited Dr. Reason to return to campus as the Distinguished Alumnus of the Year. Dr. Reason is the former Chair for Doctoral Leadership Studies at Grand Canyon University.

Dr. Reason’s easily applied approaches are founded on the emerging body of research in brain science and adult learning theory. He has worked with leaders in locations throughout the United States, Switzerland, India, and New Zealand. In addition to leadership consulting and research, Dr. Reason’s consulting company specializes in instructional design. He has developed more than 50 graduate and doctoral-level distance learning courses since 2003. His company’s excellence in instructional design was featured in an article in the 2010 summer issue of Furthermore, Dr. Reason also earned a prestigious Blackboard international course design of the year award in 2010 for a doctoral level leadership course he designed.

In 2011 Casey published Mirror Images: New Reflections on Teacher Leadership for Corwin Press which was endorsed by Dr. Charlotte Danielson and 100 Days to Leadership Impact for Triple Nickel Press. In 2010 he published Leading a Learning Organization: The Science of Working with Others, endorsed by Dr. Ken Blanchard.


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Speech Topics

The Spark: From Conflict, Stress, and Gridlock to Unprecedented Innovations and Breakthroughs

Some of the best innovations emerge from conflicts and disagreements. While conflict handled poorly can rip an organization apart, the best leaders today understand that conflict is often a signal that an important innovation or learning opportunity is just on the horizon. This session helps participants reframe their thinking about conflict and provides them with action oriented, easily applied strategies to actually use conflict to drive innovations and creative breakthroughs. This session is fun, highly interactive, and leaves the audience with easily applied tools they can use right away to work together better than ever.


  • Understanding and using conflict to stimulate innovation and creativity!

  • Learning to lead for next level performance outcomes!

  • Breaking up gridlock and reducing stress!

100 Days: How to Make an Immediate Leadership Impact

Today, new leaders in most positions are under significant pressure to come in and create substantive change immediately! This training helps participants see the specific steps new leaders can take to ignite change forces in the organization. It also can help existing leaders and their teams come to understand the steps they can take to interrupt stagnant patterns and begin the process of leading innovation from day one. While most training in leadership and innovation rely on stories, this training revolves around action oriented, researched based strategies based on emerging breakthroughs in learning science and the best thinking of some of the top CEOs in business today.


  • Learning to hit the ground leading in a new leadership position!

  • Breaking up gridlock, stagnation, and old habits on the way to innovation!

  • How to change organizatinoal culture and outcomes in the next 100 days!

Ascend! The Science of Achieving at the Next Level of Greatness

In an era of technology and unprecedented scientific breakthroughs in the areas of learning and human performance, we have more clues than ever as to what it takes to get individuals and groups to perform at that next level of greatness. In the past, we relied on stories to try and improve. Today we can thrive on strategies that have been proven to indeed stimulate improvement at the deepest levels! This session will provide clear and easily accessible approaches to recognizing where you are and how you can get to the next level of performance, no matter what job you do. This session is fun, highly interactive, and leaves the audience with easily applied tools they can use right away to work together better than ever!


  • Learn strategies for getting teams to learn and do more than ever before!

  • Help each individual in your organization challenge old assumptions and break through to new levels of performance!

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