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Caspar Craven            

Author of "The Big Bold Mindset Mindset" & Director of Big Bold Goals Ltd.

Caspar delivers transformational thought-provoking experiences that will leave your audience feeling inspired and provides real actionable takeaways to help you achieve your big bold goals by putting people first.

He understands first hand, the importance of putting people first in order to achieve big bold goals. He understands because he has made every mistake in the book on the way to achieving a number of big bold goals. He has lived what he talks about.

His experience comes from building and selling a tech business for a 7 figure sum, working as a CFO and 5 years working at KPMG, and also from twice sailing round the world – the first time as a team leader on a trophy winning racing yacht in the BT Global Challenge in 2000/1 and the second time as captain and team leader of his family team in 2014/16 with his wife and three young children under 10 years of age.

The insights he delivers apply equally to building thriving teams both at work and at home - by bringing in these ideas around our family and home teams, he appeals to audiences globally. He gets booked and rebooked because he’s relatable and delivers a thought-provoking experience with humility and humor. Talks that are highly memorable and still get referred to years later by clients, not just a talk that inspires people on the day.

Craven is obsessed with setting, tackling and achieving big and bold. Until you start thinking big and bold, you and your team will keep repeating the same incremental changes. It’s impossible to change the game and breakthrough until you fully think and embrace big and bold.

He’s a Best Selling Bloomsbury Author and in writing his recent books, “The Big Bold Mindset® - Rethinking the rules of Leadership” and "Be More Human - Rethinking the rules of high-performance teamwork”, he’s been on a journey to research, study, interview, and learn from some of the most successful leaders in the world. Success leaves clues and it’s these patterns, insights, and stories that he will bring to your audience to give them a transformational experience, not just a talk.

Speech Topics

The Audacity of Ambition: Unleashing the Power of Audacious Goals

  • What does it take to achieve Big Bold Goals and thrive in a fast-moving world?

  • What is the leadership we need to succeed and how do we strengthen our teams to deal with uncertainty and change?

  • Caspar delves into the transformative power of setting and pursuing big, bold goals as the cornerstone of success.

  • Drawing on inspiring examples from his research and personal experiences, he will explore the mindset, strategies, and actionable steps required to turn ambitious goals into tangible achievements.

  • By examining the intersection of determination, innovation, and resilience, attendees will gain invaluable insights into driving change in a world where speed, agility, and experimentation matter more than ever. Each person will leave with fresh actionable ideas on how to lead themselves and their teams.

Attendee results:

  • How to create engagement as a team around your vision of the future.
  • The crucial mindset shift needed to tackle any Big Bold Goal.
  • Moving from impossible to possible, shaping the behaviors and beliefs to achieve your goals.
  • How to handle setbacks in challenging times in a way that catapults you past your competitors.
  • Simple actionable tools to understand each person’s driving forces
  • How each person can unleash their unique strengths to achieve your goals.

The Big Bold Mindset: Why You Can’t Navigate a New World Using an Old Set of Charts

What are the mindset shifts needed by leaders and teams so that you can achieve your Big Bold Goals?

  • How do you as a team adapt to change and disruption in your market?

  • How should we lead ourselves and lead others when it comes to tackling hard challenges?

  • Caspar explores the critical importance of developing a "Big Bold Mindset" in setting and achieving ambitious goals. He offers a fresh and thought-provoking approach to leadership, teamwork, and resilience through compelling stories, cutting-edge research, and practical strategies.

  • Applicable to both senior leaders, as well as staff at all levels, Caspar delves into how teams can leverage this mindset to overcome challenges, adapt to change, and drive success.

Attendee results:

  • The Mindset needed to achieve Big Bold Goals.
  • Why Leadership is a Mindset and not a title.
  • A set of powerful tools to better navigate conflict and uncertainty.
  • How to develop your team to be more resilient and agile.
  • How each person can take ownership and self-leadership for their part in delivering your goals.
  • How to model and champion attributes including humility, curiosity, and teamwork drawing on diverse thinking.
  • How to unleash the relentless action needed to deliver execution excellence.

Be More Human: Put People First

How do we tackle the everyday disruptions to the way we work?

  • Has your employee engagement stagnated? Perhaps endless targets have impacted your team’s workplace motivation?

  • Explore the pivotal role of understanding what it means to be human and how a deeper understanding of what drives each of us is the most significant factor in creating a high-performance team capable of achieving ambitious goals.

  • Caspar deep dives into the essential qualities and strategies that effective leaders employ to foster a culture of teamwork, innovation, and shared vision.

  • Caspar Craven takes you on a journey to discover the power of unleashing the most potent force in your organization, your people.

Attendee results:

  • Why it has to be people first and results will follow.
  • New ways to build resilience as a team.
  • Fresh techniques for learning and skills acquisition.
  • How to move from a blame culture to building trust.
  • Simple actionable techniques for shaping your daily habits.
  • Develop strategies to uncover and harness hidden skills.
  • Empower each person to make brave decisions and learn why change can be the best thing for your business.
  • Help them understand the part they play individually yet the importance of collaboration.
  • Help them feel aligned and ignited when it comes to overall objectives.
  • Discover the power of unleashing the extraordinary human potential in your organization to achieve more together.

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