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CC Lawhon, M.Ed.  

CC Lawhon, M.Ed. spent several years training in the corporate world on culture change, team-building, and lean manufacturing. She also has taught school for several years, and has her own small school. CC has written five online interactive books which h

Illusions. The Celestine Prophecy. The Secret. These are the books that have shaped us-the books for those of us who know there is more to it than what we see...the books that have changed our self-view and spiritual paradigm. They inspire us, but then they leave us wondering. How can we put The Secret to work for us? How can we evolve to the point that we love our life and have no dead bugs on our windshield after a road trip? The answer is Guru-YOU!

This is a road map to the soul. Through Guru-YOU! CC Lawhon, M.Ed. provides an easy, FUN, exciting way to create our success, to have the relationships we want, to make money, by enjoying who we are designed to be!

CC designed the idea after a car accident, a horrible break-up, and ten years of clinical depression. She knew there had to be a beautiful life for her somewhere, somehow. So, she got to work. She knew she was on to something, when her friends, family, and people she didn’t even know started asking her, “What’s going on with you? What did you DO? Why are you glowing? Are you in love?” They wanted to be able to have “it” too. And she found a way to give “it” to them.

Her life became my credentials. She left teaching, the corporate world, and a potential doctoral degree, and started Guru-YOU! because it IS who CC is. CC is passionate about sharing this easy, fun, wonder-full way to live life with those who are struggling. With Guru-YOU! you will fill in the gaps left by other self-help books by explaining exactly how to access one’s own wisdom quickly and easily, and providing a multitude of tools for all personality types to do so.

CC's listeners and clients range from women from ages 22 to 52, teenagers, and men who feel stuck in their career. People questioning if they are in the right relationship, doing the right thing, working at the right job, living in the right city--people who just want to know if they are on the right track, and if not, how to get there. These are the people to whom CC speaks on her radio show on Contact Talk Radio, Guru-YOU! She will continue to speak to them in her upcoming book series, on the radio, in classrooms, on stages, and in any other venue possible, until she has made sure that they fully realize life CAN be fun, impassioned, and fulfilling--and that they have the power to make it that way for themselves. Attendees will know they have an author who cares deeply for them, and a yellow pages for solving life's problems, right at their fingertips, to facilitate and empower them on their awe-inspiring path to personal greatness.

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