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Expert Genetic Genealogist and Television Consultant, Founder of The DNA Detectives

CeCe is an expert genetic genealogist and the founder of The DNA Detectives. She has made many television appearances discussing high profile cases she has solved, including the adoption of LL Cool J's mother and uncovering the true identity of amnesiac Benjaman Kyle and foundling Paul Fronczak. She and her work have been featured extensively on ABC's 20/20, most recently in May 2016. CeCe is the DNA expert for the PBS series "Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr" for which she analyzes the DNA results of celebrities who appear on the show and writes the corresponding portions of the episode script.

CeCe is a leading genetic genealogy educator, speaking and teaching extensively across North America. She writes the popular blog "Your Genetic Genealogist" that aims to make this fascinating subject understandable and interesting to the general public. She has been quoted in major print media extensively discussing her area of expertise.

As founder of The DNA Detectives and owner of the largest DNA-related group on the Internet, CeCe is passionate about assisting those of unknown parentage who have little to no knowledge of their ancestral roots in learning about their genetic heritage and locating biological family members. She has been on the front lines of the game-changing events surrounding the growth of the direct-to-consumer genetic testing industry.

After studying music, theatre and film at USC, CeCe worked as a professional actress and singer for two decades with entertainment luminaries such as Francis Ford Coppola, Michael Jackson, David Lynch and conductor Bill Conti.

CeCe is a member of Mensa and the proud mother of a fifth grade boy.


Who Is CeCe Moore, DNA Genealogist on 20/20?
When three half-siblings who were abandoned at birth – Janet, Julie and Dean – go searching for their biological mother, CeCe Moore connects the dots. On ABC 20/20 the genetic genealogist reveals that she found a DNA link from the woman who supposedly rescued Janet from an alleyway. “The woman is either your mother or aunt,” says Moore, in a typically shocking reveal. The three siblings, now adults, don’t understand why she would do that. CeCe Moore knows family geneaology can reveal stories even more complicated than that of Janet, Julie and Dean. Moore has appeared on many TV shows and is a consultant on Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
What happened to Baby Alpha Beta? Did the newborn found behind a grocery find her birth mother?
A friend of a friend saw the post and contacted someone in a unique position to help: CeCe Moore, a genetic genealogist who does the DNA research for the popular PBS series “Finding Your Roots” with Henry Louis Gates Jr. and also consults on “Genealogy Roadshow.” Moore lives in San Clemente and has a son a few years older than Kayla Tovo’s. She has a special place in her heart for foundlings like Kayla Tovo who have nothing to go on. “DNA,” Moore says, “was the only way to solve this.” MYSTERY SOLVED
I-Team: Man's identity revealed, 50-year-old mystery solved
Paul did get help from an unexpected source. He has been on the phone daily with Moore. She is the founder of The DNA Detectives. The company which has taken the point on the Fronczak case. “My team and I have worked on this case every single day for the last year-and-a-half. It might have been just a few emails per day or 18 hours a day. It's been an incredibly long road with unbelievable twists and turns,” Moore said. Moore and her team scoured all three of the major DNA data banks, including Ancestry.com, to look for a genetic match. A company named Family Tree DNA donated free genetic test kits so the team could pursue numerous leads. Most of them fizzled. But a possible match found six months ago led to the East Coast. Team members cracked the puzzle days ago by building a time machine in a way.
Stolen at Birth: Paul Fronczak Closer to Finding Possible Blood Relatives
CeCe Moore, a genetic genealogist who helped Fronczak with his case, said finding a second cousin match was "substantially better" than finding a third cousin match. A second cousin could unlock the mystery of Fronczak's true identity because his and Alan Fisch's parents could be first cousins and their grandparents could even be siblings.
Man with no name finally knows real identity
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - It's been 11 years of wondering, searching and struggling for a man who calls himself Benjamin Kyle. For the last 11 years, BK didn't know his real identity. But now, the man who calls Jacksonville home knows his true identity...Alive, but lost in his amnesia, until he got help from genetic genealogist CeCe Moore. The methodology we used to solve the Benjamin Kyle case was actually developed for adoption searches. For people who wanted to ID their birth families. It's applicable to lost identity as well," Moore explained. Moore and a team worked on BK's case for two and a half years, comparing his DNA to those in databases across the country. Along with information BK thought he remembered, Moore's team made the connection - when law enforcement couldn't.
San Diego firefighter searches for birth mother
He's hired three private investigators hoping to find his biological mother and get those answers. All led to dead ends. Until now. Detective Cece Moore is part of his new team which was profiled in Friday's 20/20. “It's definitely time for him to turn to DNA testing,” Moore said. “It's given answers to many families. The databases have grown immensely.”
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20/20” asks: could someone ever forgive a mom who would abandon not one but three newborn babies within blocks of each other over a five year period? It is an incredible mystery that is solved right before viewers’ eyes as “20/20” teams up with renowned DNA detective and genetic genealogist CeCe Moore.
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