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Influencer & Founder of Cocoa by CeCe

CeCe Olisa is redefining the standard in beauty, fashion and fitness. Recognized as one of the "Top 10 New York Fashion Bloggers" by WhoWhatWear, and hailed by MTV as “A Person who Proves you can be Fit at Any size”, CeCe is a true influencer-turned-entrepreneur.

As a brand ambassador for Ford Motor Company and Nike, she's not only a face but a voice for inclusivity and empowerment. CeCe shattered barriers by bringing plus-size fashion to New York Fashion Week through her pioneering company, theCURVYcon.

Now, as the founder of Cocoa by CeCe, a beauty brand rooted in inclusivity and diversity, she's on a mission to redefine beauty standards and build confidence in others. Her "How to Build Self Confidence" TEDx talk has resonated with over a million hearts, further solidifying her impact on the world.

With CeCe, it's not just about style and beauty; it's about empowerment, self-love, and breaking boundaries. Join her journey as she continues to inspire and uplift countless lives, one confident, creative step at a time.

Speech Topics

Speaking Topics

  • Innovation and Self Confidence: Redefining Boundaries
  • Empowerment Unleashed: Elevating Women's Confidence
  • Embracing Inclusion: Building Self-Confidence for All
  • Unlocking Potential: Fusing Innovation with Self-Confidence
  • Changing Perspectives with Confidence
  • Empower Your Mind, Ignite Your Confidence: Unleashing the Power of Mindset
  • Unlocking Your Inner Potential: Embracing Self-Confidence

Innovation and Self-Confidence: Redefining Boundaries

In a rapidly evolving landscape, where innovation is paramount and self-confidence is the key to unlocking untapped potential, join CeCe Olisa, an esteemed authority on self-confidence, innovation, and holistic wellness, as she unveils transformative insights and actionable strategies for navigating the intersection of innovation and self-confidence.


  • Meet CeCe Olisa: Champion of Innovation and Self-Confidence
  • Embracing the I.I.A.C Formula: A Blueprint for Empowerment

Section 1: Recognizing Potential Obstacles to Innovation

  • Self-Assessment Journey: Explore techniques for self-reflection to identify personal barriers and societal expectations hindering innovation and self-confidence.
  • Embracing Risk: Cultivate a mindset of experimentation and resilience, encouraging calculated risks as pathways to innovation and personal growth.
  • Creating an Innovation Ecosystem: Foster a supportive community and embrace diverse perspectives to fuel innovation and collaboration.

Section 2: Cultivating Creativity and Vision

  • Visionary Mindset: Tap into the power of visualization and imagination to envision bold innovations and navigate challenges with optimism and clarity.
  • Design Thinking: Embrace a human-centered approach to problem-solving, leveraging empathy and creativity to drive innovative solutions and outcomes.
  • Adaptive Strategy: Develop agile strategies and iterate with confidence, embracing failure as a stepping stone to success and continuous improvement.

Section 3: Empowering Action and Resilience

  • Confidence Catalysts: Harness self-affirmation and positive self-talk to bolster confidence and resilience in the face of uncertainty and adversity.
  • Bold Expression: Embrace authenticity and self-expression as catalysts for innovation, leveraging personal strengths and values to drive meaningful change.
  • Holistic Wellness Integration: Prioritize self-care and well-being to sustain momentum and foster a healthy mindset conducive to innovation and growth.


  • Reflect on your journey to self-confidence and innovation.
  • Empower yourself to embrace innovation with confidence and purpose.
  • Ignite action and transformation for a brighter, more innovative future.

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