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Charles Brennan, Jr.  

President of Brennan Sales Institute and Author, "Take Your Sales to the Next Level"

Charles D. Brennan, Jr. is author of McGraw-Hill’s "Take Your Sales to the Next Level," American Management Association’s best-selling paperback book, "Sales Questions That Close the Sale” and award-winning book, "Proactive Customer Service."

President of Brennan Sales Institute, a professional advanced sales and management training company which was voted one of Selling Power’s top 10 sales training companies, his concepts have been introduced to over two million business professionals with an average reported increase in performance of 20%.

His techniques have been called a breakthrough approach by leading publications and have enhanced and complemented the training formats for many Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies.

A veteran of over 2,500 seminars, Brennan holds a master’s degree in training and development and has over 25 years of sales training and speaking experience.

Residing in the Philadelphia area with his wife, Brennan’s passions include outdoor sports and traveling with his family.

Speech Topics


Participants learn how to understand the customer’s thought process to eliminate half of the objections and resistance they encounter. Neutralizing is the unique concept presented in this topic that will show participants how to focus on the customer's desired outcomes and strip away resistance. This easy multi-step process shows participants how to: neutralize and question to stabilize the relationship, manage and eliminate resistance, present the most advantageous ways to handle concerns and maintain control of the conversation or call.

At the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Neutralize and question to stabilize the relationship.
  • Manage and eliminate resistance.
  • Determine the most advantageous approach to handling a customer’s concern.
  • Maintain and control a sales call.
  • Qualify the customer’s current position.


This module provides a framework to listen effectively and carry a conversation to know how and when to listen. The session teaches how to avoid the common pitfalls that plague a salesperson's ability to listen and carry a conversation. A series of interactive exercises help participants learn how to truly uncover the issues, needs and desired outcomes of the customer.

Foundation listening skills, along with advanced communication skills, are introduced during this seminar. These skills show professionals how to identify the spoken and unspoken word thus separating themselves from others because of their intuitive ability to hear what others can't. Identifying traits that are essential to effective listening, participants will be able to know the intent of the customer; stay focused on the customer and create an environment that is conducive to complete disclosure and the sharing of essential information. Interactive and loaded with skill development exercises, this session builds life skills that are transferred from personal to professional life.

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Reflect back what a person said.
  • Accurately paraphrase what a person wants done.
  • Identify additional issues to expand the conversation.
  • Uncover the source that initiated the topic discussions.
  • Create a relationship of trust and understanding.
  • Make the customer feel comfortable with sharing hard to get information.


During every sales call there can be an awkward moment when the message is delivered and the close is expected. Surveys suggest, at this moment most sales professionals don’t know how to assertively close or feel that they have earned the right.

Field proven to increase the ability to close, the concepts presented in our Advanced Closing program give participants of all levels a set of skills to get a non-user customer to an advocate. Introducing a series of advanced closing techniques called Reciprocal Consideration, Futuring and the Sales Map, participants learn how to shorten the sales cycle and gain commitment on every contact.

Applying the advanced skills presented in this program, participants will be able to focus on moving a customer’s market share to the next level of usage, and learn how to adapt the Reciprocal Consideration close at the end (or beginning) of every contact to trigger a compliance rate as high as 80%.

This program provides a road map on how to: move the light user to a moderate, the moderate user to an advocate; understand where the customer is on the adoption continuum and how to gain realistic commitments that avoid false acceptances.

Also, participants learn how to manage and respond when customers indicate interest but postpone their commitments. Introducing the concept called “Futuring”, learn how to build respect, manage a customer’s non-committal response and move the relationship forward on every contact.

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Accurately recognize the difference between buying signals and put-offs
  • Know what needs to be accomplished to advance the relationship
  • Gain traction in relationships that have stalled
  • Apply the Reciprocal Consideration technique to close on every contact
  • Know where the customer is all at times on the commitment ladder to effectively pre and post call plan
  • Effectively manage false acceptances to move relationships forward with the futuring technique


At the beginning of most contacts, an awkward moment occurs when the customer asks “What’s up?” or “What do you have for me today?” At this instant, the good salespeople are separated from the average. The advanced skills presented in this program teach how to: pace and control a conversation, understand the true interest level of the customer and how to move a relationship forward.

Introducing the concepts of Categorizing and the Quarter-Half-Quarter Model, participants learn how to pace a conversation and understand the customer’s receptivity to change.

Focused on establishing a stronger and more profound relationship, participants are introduced to the concept of Recital versus Dialogue questions and why relationships plateau. This session will develop an individual’s ability to differentiate themselves, their offerings and business opportunities.

Introducing advanced questioning skills called Dialogue and Multi-Layered Probing Questions, participants will be able to effectively engage the customer in critical thinking. Applying these skills help them to: converse like a peer, raise the level of discussion, gather key information to initiate change, uncover hard to get information, and gain intellectual access to raise the level of conversation.

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the true interest level of the customer
  • Pace and control a conversation
  • Know what to do when the customer opens with “What’s Up?”
  • Initiate discussion when the customer feels confident they know everything about the product
  • Apply each questioning technique appropriately, aiming at deliberate outcomes
  • Enhance and elongate the sales discussion
  • Open next call by follow-up on action agreed to by customer in previous call
  • Consistently identify and use knowledge of customer needs to enhance sales discussions
  • Recognize the value in engaging customers in discussions about specific scenarios and experiences
  • Leave the customer with the impression that you are a valuable consultant who can contribute as a partner and resource
  • Converse like a peer and bring value to the extended call with the Multi-Layered Probing Question
  • Adapt your questions to the customer’s personality styles

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