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Charles Denham, MD      

Founder and Chairman of Texas Medical Institute of Technology and CEO of HCC Corporation

Founder and Chairman, Texas Medical Institute of Technology; CEO of HCC Corporation; Advanced Leadership Initiative Fellow, Harvard University; and Co-founder of the Global Patient Safety Forum

Dr. Charles Denham's business development career, spanning 30 years, has resulted in numerous product and process innovations. He was ranked 38th in the 2012 list of "50 Most Influential Physician Executives in Healthcare" by Modern Healthcare and is a collaborator with the World Health Organization. As a radiation oncologist, associate professor of biomedical engineering and instructor at a number of medical schools and business schools, he has taught innovation adoption and technology transfer and commercialization. He has authored more than 100 publications and was the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Patient Safety from 2011 to 2014. Denham has been an adjunct Professor at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Health Systems Engineering and lecturer with the Harvard Medical School. He was a Senior Fellow of the Harvard University Advanced Leadership Initiative 2009-2011 and an instructor at the Harvard School of Public Health in 2009. He is a member of the President's Circle of the National Academies of Science of the Institute of Medicine, the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering. He is a co-founder of the Global Patient Safety Forum, a convener of global healthcare leaders.

CEO and Founder, HCC Corporation: A business development accelerator, HCC has led, developed, or supported 400 product development teams in more than 50 product categories, including pharmaceuticals, devices, capital equipment and health information technologies. Its mission is to save lives, save money and create value in the communities and ventures it builds. HCC developed an evidence-based Breakthrough Technology Processing System now used for product contracting by many U.S. hospitals. The HCC accelerator incubates ventures that span from projects with Global 10 companies to start-up ventures. The core values of HCC are integrity, compassion, accountability, reliability and entrepreneurship (ICARE).

Chairman and Founder, TMIT: TMIT is a non-profit medical research organization driving adoption of healthcare performance-improvement solutions. The TMIT National Research Test Bed of leaders and caregivers in more than 3,100 hospitals that has organically grown from the Premier Innovation Institute of 1,700 hospitals co-founded and co-led by Denham in the 1990s that was ultimately spun out to his organization to run independently. The mission of TMIT is identical to that of HCC's, which has been the major funder of TMIT over the years. TMIT and HCC are served by more than 500 clinical and administrative subject matter experts from a number of our nation's best academic and front-line institutions, as well as industry innovators from multiple sectors. This network of experts has been built over 30 years. TMIT Communities of Practice are served by online knowledge management systems found at TMIT has established national and statewide collaborative programs in performance improvement, in association with groups such as state hospital associations and their members. TMIT produced the 2010 award-winning documentary, Chasing Zero: Winning the War on Healthcare Harm, on the Discovery Channel. TMIT's 2012 documentary, Surfing the Healthcare Tsunami: Bring Your Best Board, focuses on hospital governance, administrative, medical and community leadership. The cause is to move the market from “provider-centered, volume-driven transactions to patient-centered value-driven care.”

Responding to a need expressed by patient advocates, in 2011 TMIT launched SpeakerLink®, a free matching system to link patient/family speakers with hospital “seekers” who are interested in bringing patients and families in to their quality programs to help put the focus on patient safety and performance improvement. Denham founded pilot programs that are still in their infancy, including CareMoms™, CareKids™ and CareUniversity™, which are focused on helping families survive healthcare harm and waste.

NQF Safe Practices for Better Healthcare R&D Leadership: TMIT has led a continuous program through its Research Test Bed to provide input to the performance improvement community. This includes input to the National Quality Forum on adoption of the Safe Practices for Better Healthcare. Denham was the co-chair of the Safe Practices Maintenance committee through 2010. He is a former Chairman of the Safe Practices Program of The Leapfrog Group that has measured the adoption of certain safe practices.

Dr. Denham donates his speaking fees to TMIT to support patient safety advocate and research programs.

Speech Topics

Zero is the Number...Now is the Time

Taking role model examples from "Chasing Zero: Winning the War on Healthcare Harm", the documentary that Denham produced for the Discovery Channel starring Dennis Quaid, he weaves an inspiring story of how great doctors, nurses and hospital administrators are transforming their hospitals. Denham shows how every organization can leverage the intersection of leadership, practices and technologies to generate transformational performance. He uses the current healthcare system as an example of why measurable targets can be hit when urgency and a "failure is not an option" mentality are embraced. He uses examples of hospitals that have declared zero healthcare harm as a target...and hit it.

Surfing the No Outcome No Income Tsunami

American healthcare is a sea of complexity with islands of procedural greatness. The era of blind healthcare purchasing is over and quietly building off shore for years has been a tsunami born of stakeholder unrest. Providing concepts from a widely acclaimed article The No Outcome No Income Tsunami, Denham declares that there will be Surfers, Swimmers and Sinkers: Surfers who "make things happen" and leverage the power of the wave, Swimmers who are thrown in the wave and "watch what happens and Sinkers who drown and "wonder what happened. Denham provides an inspiring step-by-step approach that healthcare suppliers, providers and purchasers can take to surf the wave of healthcare payment reform of government and private payers. He teaches them how to read the direction, force and shape of the wave; how to create a steerable strategy platform to provide lift and forward direction that will match the speed and course of the wave and how to develop the team skills necessary to balance their organization while controlling their trajectory to a winning destination.

The High Performance Boardroom

It may be an inanimate room of a table and chairs, yet it is both the "danger zone" and the "scoring lane" for most organizations. The presentations and decisions made by directors, the C-Suite and those reporting to them set the systems in motion that can spell the difference between tragedy and treasure. Best practices in innovation, adoption and transformational performance can be systematically applied to performance gaps. Denham shows how awareness, accountability, ability and actionthe 4 A's of innovation adoptioncan be applied to any performance gap to galvanize teams as they tackle their biggest problems. He uses examples from manufacturing, aviation, aerospace and healthcare to demonstrate how teams can succeed.

Story Power: The Secret Weapon of Leadership

Leadership not just a is a verb. From governance leaders and the C suite down to servant leaders on the assembly line or the bedside, leadership can be a make or break issue. Sharing the metaphors and concepts from the article Story Power: The Secret Weapon, co-written with award-winning actor Dennis Quaid, Denham addresses how leaders can activate their "inner David" to defeat their "personal Goliath. He addresses how they can use the powerful skills and know-how of storytelling to leverage the currency of the mindfacts, figures, dataAND leverage the currency of the heartpassion, joy, dread, fearto move the hands to action. Whether it is a healthcare organization, industrial plant or information technology company, the success of leaders resides with their ability to tell stories to win the war on inertia to move people to action. Denham provides a winning formula from great role models across industries.


Dr. Denham as Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Patient Safety
It is a joy taking the helm of the Journal of Patient Safety, because it is a truly successful publication which is in no small part due to the terrific leadership of Dr. Nancy Dickey.
Dr. Charles Denham Named Editor of Journal of Patient Safety
Newswise — Noted patient safety expert Charles R. Denham, M.D., has been appointed Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Patient Safety. The journal is published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, a part of Wolters Kluwer Health.

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