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Charles Kahn  

President of the Federation of American Hospitals

Charles N. (“Chip”) Kahn III is the president and CEO of the Federation of American Hospitals, the national public policy organization for investor-owned hospitals, a position that he has held since June 2001. The Hill writes that Kahn “has influenced health care policy and politics in Washington more than all but a handful of others.” With more than 30 years of experience, he is recognized as one of the country’s most insightful and articulate experts on health policy, health care reform legislation, Medicare and Medicaid payment, health care financing, and health coverage.


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Speech Topics

Health Policy

With decades of experience in health policy development and the politics of health care, Chip Kahn is at the forefront of all national initiatives to advance health care quality. He has worked from the policy, provider, and insurance points of view and has the expertise to take complex and complicated health care issues and break them down into understandable pieces for audiences of all levels. With his firsthand knowledge of the behind-the-scenes activity for all major health care legislation, Kahn is both a craftsman and translator of health policy. In his presentations, he addresses the formation of health policy, its integration with information technology, how advances in the two will shape the future of our country’s health care, the future of health care policy, and the politics behind reform.

Health Care Reform

Since 1983, Chip Kahn has been involved on all health care reform legislation, whether directly (from Capitol Hill) or indirectly (through negotiations on the insurance or hospital sides of the argument). Having been involved in both the first iteration of health care reform under President Clinton as a leader of key interest groups and in the latest reform legislation, Kahn is truly a critical player. He addresses the current health care legislation and its potential ramifications for health service organizations, insurance providers, and taxpayers alike. With this extensive background in the policy side of health care and his time spent formulating significant legislation, Kahn dissects the labyrinthine health care legislation into small, workable parts and addresses the pros, cons, and ramifications of the plan.

Medicare and Medicaid Policy

Chip Kahn’s experience on Capitol Hill and working with hospitals – combined with his involvement in all major health care legislation – gives him valuable insight into the critical interaction between Medicare, Medicaid, delivery reform, and national concerns over deficit and fiscal problems. Kahn addresses how these programs will fit into the future of our country’s health care system, the history of the programs, and the political battles that surround them. He also discusses the intersection of health policy and national and state fiscal policies.

Health Care Financing

Kahn addresses how health care is financed in the United States and how the current budget deficit and poor economy will shape how we pay for our health care services in the future. With his extensive practical and theoretical experience in the industry, Kahn discusses the intersection of health care, the government, businesses, and Wall Street. As the government and the private sector currently finance health care, Kahn utilizes his experience in the insurance industry to addresses how private health insurance works, how it can become cheaper, and the fiscal issues surrounding private insurance.

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