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Charles Marshall    

Humorous Motivational Speaker & Author

Charles Marshall is one of the most popular humorous motivational speakers speaking today and has over 20 years experience speaking to audiences all over the United States. Each year, Marshall travels 100,000 miles to perform in over 100 corporate and civic venues from New York to California. His animated delivery and original observations have captivated over 1,000 audiences over the past two decades, including many Fortune 500 companies.

He is the author of several books including: "The Seven Powers of Success" and "I’m Not Crazy But I Might Be A Carrier." He also has produced and performed two full-length comedy videos, "Fully Animated" and "I’m Just Sayin’!"

Speech Topics

The Seven Powers of Success™ How to harness, develop, and apply your Seven Powers™ to create success in your life and the life of your organization

Adopting a healthy success strategy will help your organization successfully negotiate change, growing pains, and stress. In this hilarious and fun-packed presentation, Charles shows how implementation of The Seven Powers of Success™ can create success in the life of any individual or organization. Through the use of humor and real-life examples, Charles relates inspirational stories of everyday underdogs who have used The Seven Powers™ to overcome obstacles and achieve success. The Seven Powers of Success™ is one of Charles’ most popular programs and is sure to be a hit with your crowd.

The SERVE Method™ Creating Success with Extraordinary Customer Service

With the practiced eye of a professional humorous speaker, Charles Marshall examines common business blunders and questionable customer-service practices that prevent companies from growing. In an often hilarious but always insightful examination of businesses of all sizes, Charles takes a look at what makes good customer service work, and what makes bad customer service disastrous. Good customer service never happens accidentally. It is imperative to create a corporate culture that is serious about putting the customer first. Delivering the goods and creating brand loyalty is a priority. Dare to dazzle your customers by engaging the “The Wow Factor!”

Real Heroes Don’t Wear Spandex How to positively impact the lives of others without wearing a costume

In real life, heroes aren't rock stars, movie stars, or sports figures. Real-life heroes are people who make a difference by believing in, and investing in, the lives of those around them. In this thoroughly inspiring and uplifting program, Charles publicly honors people in your group for their contributions and recognizes them as examples of what real heroes are. Learn how to engage the Power of Belief to revolutionize your organization!

If You’re Going to Lead, You Need to COACH™ Strengthening Your Influence, Effectiveness, and Impact as a Leader

Your team’s success depends on the skills of its leaders! In this upbeat, interactive, and substantive program, Charles tells stories from his own leadership journey, and relates the hard fought and hard won lessons he’s learned along the way. Leaders aren’t born, they’re developed, so if you’re ready to see your team improve, it’s time to take a look at what makes a great leader great, and what makes a poor leader fail.

Ethically Speaking™ How ethics shape your life and determine your level of success

Paying attention to ethics in your business is crucial in today’s market. The stakes are higher than ever; consumers are more savvy, information travels more quickly, and businesses can be held liable for the indiscretions of their employees and disappear overnight. Conversely, a business that promotes the practice of ethical behavior is building a solid foundation and can expect long-term success. In this upbeat, fast-paced, and informative presentation, Charles discusses the four principal areas of ethics and relates how they will affect your life both professional and personally.

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