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Award-Winning Educator & Blogger; Creator of a Positive Psychology Program Teaching Topics like Optimism, Grit, & Accomplishment to At-Risk Students

Chase Mielke is an award-winning educator, writer, and speaker. He has been awarded multiple honors, including being a 2014 Michigan Teacher of the Year nominee and a 2014 Allegan County “Outstanding People for Education” recipient. For his work minimizing the achievement gap with at-risk high schoolers, his Positive Psychology program received a 2012 Michigan Association of School Administrator's “Winner's Circle Award.” The program teaches concepts of positive emotion, engagement, meaning, and accomplishment to hundreds of students each year, especially at-risk high schoolers. Consistently, students reduce failure rates by at least 50% each year.

In addition to modeling excellence as an educator, his writing has been featured on WeAreTeachers, Huffpost, Edutopia, and EdPost. He received a Wordpress “Freshly Pressed” distinction for his viral blog and video “What Students Really Need to Hear,” which has been used across the world to motivate students.

As an engaging, nationally recognized speaker, he has traveled across the nation and world to speak with students and educators on topics of resilience, mindset, applied neuroscience, and positive psychology. In addition to teaching at Plainwell High School, he facilitates programs for The Quantum Learning Network and regularly contributes to

Speech Topics

Overcoming your fear and finding your growth zone

It has been said that, “Fear has destroyed more dreams than failure ever will.” Whether it is a fear of failure or a fear of snakes, humans can learn to step beyond their comfort zone. With a mixture of personal experiences and psychological research, this talk can cultivate growth mindset and inspire listeners to never let fear stand in their way again.

Taking responsibility to take control of your life

Blame. Denial. Avoidance. These responses have become a cultural norm. How do we flip the norm? How do we help adults and students see the value in taking responsibility for their decisions and owning their mistakes? This workshop can answer this question. Participants not only better recognize their habits of externalizing responsibility, but they'll help cultivate ownership in themselves and others.

How your brain works and how to make it work for you

The field of education is ironic: We teach student brains but we don't teach students about brains. Combining a depth of neuroscience research with an engaging, accessible style, this workshop can help students and adults alike better understand how the brain works and how to have it work for them. Whether it is reducing stress, increasing memory, or maintaining attention, participants will walk away equipped with real skills to help them thrive.

Changing educational paradigms through positive psychology

This workshop can help educators and youth leaders transform programs and build more positive cultures through teaching positive psychology concepts. Through experiencing mini-lessons on human flourishing, participants will gain firsthand access to engaging, research-based lessons on the booming field of positive psychology. From single hour sessions, to multiple day workshops, this training can be modified to help any program or school.

Creating change through small actions

The idea of creating lasting change is blown way out of proportion. But what if making positive change were just a matter of simple, intentional decisions? Through looking at historical and personal examples of lasting change, participants will be inspired to make an impact on the world around them in simple, but profound ways – from classrooms to organizations to communities.

Cultivating better relationships through simple conversation

Gossip, small-talk, avoidance: These are the traits of typical conversation. And, with shallow connections, we lose opportunities to build empathy, powerful social networks, and knowledge. This presentation gives participants direct experience and coaching on conversation in a way that will captivate and inspire individuals to have more meaningful conversations.

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Building your “grit muscle” through reframing adversity

Adversity will always be present – from acute challenges to chronic setbacks. Many wonder how we can help students and adults reframe their adversities into opportunities to build strength, self-confidence, and skill. This talk uses research, humor, and interactive challenges to give participants practical methods for developing grit.

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