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New York Times #1 Best Selling Author; Entrepreneur; Consultant & Talk-Show Host

Dr. Cherie Carter Scott has it all! Over 25 years experience as a speaker, management consultant, trainer and teacher. Known as "the woman that touches your soul," Cherie Carter Scott, Ph.D, is a celebrated and inspiring speaker, educator and woman of extreme compassion and vision. Delving into issues of spirituality, human nature and heart, Cherie's original and versatile presentation style offers a message that's both practical and wise. Her tools and techniques have been adapted from more than two decades of research, culminating into a series of best-selling books, most noted, the New York Times bestseller, If Life is a Game, These are the Rules: Ten Rules for Being Human.

Dr. Carter Scott received her Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Development with an emphasis on The Relationship Between Employee Satisfaction & Customer Satisfaction and has designed 23 courses on PowerPoint for professional and personal growth. Cherie’s special gift is to turn negative attitudes into positive behaviors. She is known for motivating individuals to take charge of their lives and to make the seemingly impossible happen. She is hired by Fortune 500 companies, associations, family-owned businesses and entrepreneurs as a facilitator, coach and has been called a guardian angel to CEOs. It has been said, "There is no one better in her field than Cherie!" Dr. Carter Scott is a master facilitator, working directly with executive and management departments on vision, goals, and their mission statements for the realization of the company.

She has appeared on "Oprah", "Leeza", "Regis & Kathie Lee", CNN and over 300 radio talk shows. She has presented her seminars, workshops and keynotes speeches in 15 countries on three continents and her tapes, speeches and books have touched the lives of millions worldwide. She hosted her own 26-week talk show on cable T.V., was instrumental in changing US immigration policy, ran her company with 30 employees, traveled extensively, attended graduate school, and wrote two of her four books while being a single parent.

Cherie's topics focus on the essential components of life, love, success and fulfillment and how certain universal human truths result in our abilities to achieve our life's vision. She connects with her audience in a fun, yet highly personal way, offering pearls of wisdom, hope and reflection.

Most Requested Topics:

Passionate Leadership: The Future Is Now! Do you believe that you have leadership capabilities? Do you want to understand leadership so that you can be more effective? Do you want to develop yourself as a leader? Everyone learns leadership from someone. The learning process is either deliberate or subconscious. Some people are reluctant leaders; they have the authority but are reticent to use it. Discovering your relationship to the leadership role, where you are in the process, and what you need to do to become a more effective leader is the focus of this presentation. Leadership is the ability to stand up and speak up for what you believe, to inspire others so that they are moved to follow, and to make a difference through your commitment to the outcome. Dr. Carter-Scott is a leader who has taught leadership skills to individuals and organizations on three continents. She is the embodiment of her teachings. She will empower your group to lead in circumstances where they never thought they could.

Teambuilding: Teams Aren't Born, They Are Built! Do you believe that teamwork really works? Do you think that it is possible to build a successful team? Do you secretly wish your team could seriously improve? Cherie Carter-Scott, Ph.D., has trained and facilitated teams for over two decades. From Fortune 500 companies to office teams of professionals, her magic transcends attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. "Withholding builds walls; disclosing builds bridges. Your choice: walls or bridges." This statement sums up Dr. Carter-Scott's bottom-line on team building. She speaks with authority, experience, and knowledge. Her case histories add color and credibility. Her perspective brings humor to the irony of the human condition. Her unique connection with her audience presents compassion, inspiration and opens up a world of possibilities.

Change Management: Shift from Victim to Victorious: Do you feel that change can be disruptive and disorienting? Do you find that changes are challenging. Do you wish that you could deal with change more effectively? In the fourth century B.C., Heroditus said, "Nothing is permanent but change." Today, we have more change happening than ever before. There are only two types of changes; one you choose, the other you don't. The challenge is to learn how to choose the change you never chose! "Change is when things are different than they were."

Customer Satisfaction: Astounding Customers as a Way of Life: Do you believe that people can have what they want? Do you delight in people being served and having their wishes granted? Do you want to provide customer satisfaction 100% of the time? Dr. Carter-Scott is committed to customer satisfaction. She is so passionate about this issue that her dissertation topic for her Ph.D. was "The Relationship Between Customer Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction." Her research reveals the "mirror effect" as well as the significant role of expectation, in customer relationships. You will enjoy her heart-warming anecdotes. She will bring a fresh and original perspective to your group with her revelatory case studies.

Negaholics: Turn Negativity into Positive Results: How to Manage Negativity in the Workplace: Do you believe that your addictions are the result of the pursuit of, or the avoidance of, a feeling? Do you think that negative attitudes can be changed? Do you feel that to change anyone, you must first start with yourself? Over 20 years of research with individuals and groups has culminated in Dr. Carter-Scott's profound insights on self-defeating patterns. She has documented her theories and case studies in two books on overcoming negativity in personal life and in the workplace. With over 70 different tools and techniques, Dr. Carter-Scott not only diagnoses and presents the reasons people are negative, but she also presents strategies and solutions for success. Some people refer to them as "difficult people," but Dr. Carter-Scott calls them negaholics, people who have a condition that must be addressed.

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