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Chip Eichelberger      

Peak Performance, Motivation & Sales Strategist

A proven pro, Chip Eichelberger has been THE energy source for over 1000 corporate events for over 25 years. He will bring a positive energy that will resonate, challenge and inspire. His highly interactive sessions engage people at a deep level and gets them involved in his presentation. He shows individuals how to get switched on and be the best version of themselves. He does NOT DO A SPEECH! It is an interactive workshop atmosphere that gets the audience involved, interacting and taking action.

He was Tony Robbins’ international point man for six years planting the Robbin’s flag around the USA, Australia and the UK. He has delivered over 1,000+ high-energy presentations for organizations like Apple, State Farm, Hyatt, DOW, Harley Davidson, GM, Meineke Car Care and National Association of Auto Dealers. He has been married 28 years and is the proud father of 3.

Speech Topics

OWN IT! - Take Charge of Your Performance

Learn how to “Own It!” to close the gap between good and GREAT. Chip shows how the power of getting clear on what you want and how taking ownership of your results, expertise and energy will ignite tremendous performance improvements. He leads the audience to reevaluate their compelling vision, make new decisions, take personal responsibility, keep score, have a growth mindset, move the target and be a catalyst.

Many companies use OWN IT! as their theme for their event and have Chip as the keynote speaker.

Chip shows how incorporating more innovative or revolutionary change into everyday activities can lead to incredible change. For many, it may be taking ownership of their energy and vitality, which will lead to performance improvements in their career. He shows how the power of making even one new decision can ignite tremendous performance improvements.

How much better are you than you were three years ago?

Once he does his research and interviews attendees he will be able to challenge even your elite performers. Using a highly interactive approach, Chip challenges and entertains with a passionate style that will captivate and involve any audience. Each person takes home with them a committed plan, plus the motivation to get going. They'll leave with a clear call to action.

Let Chip show you and your team how to own it!

BREAKING BARRIERS - The Board Break Experience

This is an interactive team building experience. It is an emotional and physical metaphor that pushes your team to break through barriers and create new outcomes and possibilities. What if you could close your event in a powerfully memorable way so everyone walks out the door inspired to take action like never before?

Chip is famous for the Board Break Experience and hundreds of companies have chosen him to close their convention with this proven team-building program. It will clarify individual and team goals as well as help them push past limitations. The process helps people recognize what they must believe in order to overcome obstacles that inhibit stellar performance so they can achieve new levels of success.

The Board Break Experience is the ultimate in employee motivation. Chip will often “bookend” your day, opening with a customized program and closing with this experience.

Get Switched On! - The Power of Attitude and Activity

Chip’s “Get Switched On!” program floods the room with palpable energy that inspires and motivates your people. When your team is “Switched On”, they take performance to new levels to increase sales, provide stellar customer service and learn new skills. Chip shows the audience effective strategies how to “Get Switched On!” and live a life of greater energy and possibility.

This Is NOT a Speech

“Get Switched On!” is an interactive experience that challenges participants to

reevaluate their current vision, game plan, mindset and results. Chip’s content and style fully engages participants and gets them involved. This remarkably energizing program is perfect to open or close your conference.

Chip does his homework and customizes the presentation to focus on your needs and rev up your team to have energy at work and achieve exceptional performance. Your employees will be “Switched On” to deliver their very best more consistently.

Eliminate Mediocre Results

Get “Switched On!” Addresses these Performance Concerns

  • Why early detection is essential to reverse failure?
  • What is truly important in life and what is your purpose?
  • What the key is to achieve long-term success and balance?
  • How to close the gap between where you are and where you can be?
  • Why your current vision dictates your efforts and results.
  • What brutal facts need to be faced and the action to take now?
  • How you can be at your best consistently with motivation at work and home?

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