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Chloe B. McKenzie            

Bestselling Author, Financial Trauma Researcher & Founder of BlackFem

Chloe B. McKenzie doesn’t really do nuance. When she founded a nonprofit to increase financial literacy among girls and women of color, she chose a name that would be transparent about the organization’s mission, culture and power source. She called it BlackFem.

McKenzie is a researcher, writer, educator and wealth justice activist. McKenzie is the founder and visionary of BlackFem, a nonprofit, and Equiddie; working at the intersection of education, finance, social justice and the visual and performing arts. Through her business ventures, McKenzie's mission is to transform school-based learning so that Black girls and girls of color have the skills, habits and resources to build and sustain wealth.

McKenzie conducts ground breaking research on financial trauma, abuse and shame. Her research, featured in Forbes, British Vogue and L’Officiel is used by major academic and financial institutions, with the intention of developing resources to close the wealth gap and to build healthier relationships with money. McKenzie intends to continue her research as she pursues her PhD in Sociology and works with institutions such as Georgetown University, The Hope Center at Temple University and Edquity.


Chloe McKenzie’s Black Fem Is Closing the Wealth Gap for Black Women
Building on her wealth equity consulting work, in 2015, McKenzie founded BlackFem, a nonprofit that pushes a financial literacy curriculum.
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When Chloe B McKenzie decided to shave off all her hair during lockdown, it took her three days to unpack the connection between her beauty standards and her relationship with money and wealth. On the fourth day? Rebirth.
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‘Financial literacy’ is a term that often seems daunting to outsiders of Wall Street, and inaccessible to people lacking higher education or societal power. Chloe B. McKenzie’s mission is to lift this proverbial iron curtain. “I don’t think anyone talks about activist investors at all,” she tells L’Officiel USA.
Activist Chloe B. McKenzie On How Financial Education Changes Everything
V chatted with the researcher and educator about the intricacies of financial oppression on BIPOC people, the crossover of art and knowledge, and GameStop.

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