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Chris Harris  

Public Relations Specialist

Chris Harris long ago mastered the need to reach the emotional level in conveying a message when having to deal with the American and Foreign press. Through lectures across America in the late 1980’s Harris changed the way we promote a product or service proving that publicity was far more effective than advertising. The Associated Press gave Chris Harris the title “Public Relations Specialist.”

For more than four decades, Chris Harris has captured the imagination of the press and the public when he was invited into the Zodiac Killings in Northern California. He earned the respect of law enforcement, politicians, and the press. The legendary Paul Avery from the San Francisco Chronicle always called Harris before going with a lead. To better understand the Charles Manson Family and the killings Chris Harris spent a year in Death Valley living with the former members and encouraged Paul Watkins second in command of the Family, to write the book “My Life with Charles Manson.”

Chris Harris raised new interest into the death of Marilyn Monroe when he convinced his client a Beverly Hills, California antique dealer to put up $150,000 for the Marilyn Monroe Red Diary. Harris investigated her death for ten years reaching a conclusion that Marilyn Monroe did not die from an apparent suicide or overdose. When Chris Harris talks about Walt Disney, a silence comes over the room. Harris is perhaps one of the few besides his wife and children who got a close-up look at the great animator. In 1993, Chris Harris was asked by family members to recall his memories of Walt Disney when the book "WALT DISNEY HOLLYWOOD’S DARK PRINCE" was written.

Chris Harris tells the story of the Hollywood sign. Harris assisted in the unveiling of the new Hollywood sign in 1978 and is currently preparing to visit Los Angeles Sister Cites with the restored H of the original Hollywood Sign. Harris’s story of the history of the past and present day Hollywood Sign is compelling. Chris Harris begins each lecture with a motivational outreach to the audience. He believes that taking an interest in life and allowing our imaginations to travel, we can live a more fulfilling life.


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Speech Topics

Speech Topics include Untold Stories About:

  • How to do your own Public Relations
  • Entrepreneurship: Understanding your Business
  • Stretching the Imagination to Financial Success
  • Investigating and meeting the Zodiac Killer
  • Weekends with Walt Disney
  • Investigating The Murder of Marilyn Monroe
  • Living with the Manson Family
  • Hollywood Stories


ABC7 News "New Theory Surfaces on Identity of Zodiac Killer"

Chris Harris was a publicist involved in every aspect of the investigation to apprehend the Zodiac Killer. The famous Chronicle reporter Paul Avery stated when referring to Harris, "Chris your like a Super Sleuth; you gotta be careful your getting to close to the Zodiac." Harris was invited in by the police to view physical evidence and at one point was considered being the actual Zodiac Killer due to asking questions nobody in law enforcement were asking.

London Daily Mail "LA man's terrifying encounter with the Zodiac killer"

Chris Harris went to meet with the Undersheriff Tom Johnson to review the physical evidence from the Lake Berryessa crime scene. Harris arrived at the Blue Plate diner across from the courthouse where he was to meet the Undersheriff. Later a man walked into the diner and sat down and stated to Harris, "I know who you are your Chris Harris." Harris didn't say a word knowing this may be the culprit. Then the man sipped some coffee and turned one last time with tears in his eyes and stated, "Do you have any idea what it is like to wake up and know you have to kill?"

Fox News "Descendant of Lewis and Clark Expedition Explorer Continues Awareness Campaign"

Cory Skyler Drouillard Americas former National Champion Inline Speed Skater and a descendant of a member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition set out with Publicist Chris Harris to make people around the world aware of the single most important member of the Expedition and that was George Drouillard the primary guide, interpreter, scout and hunter.

The Register Guard "Life-size Donald Trump shows up in Eugene; Some not impressed with cardboard Candidacy."

Chris Harris was hired by a consortium of Hollywood Actors, Writers, Directors, and Producers to take to the street corners of America to see how perfect strangers feel about Donald Trump for President in 2016.

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