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Chris Johnson    

CEO and Founder of On Target Living

Chris Johnson, often referred to as the modern day Jack LaLanne, has been motivating audiences around the globe to Live on Target by taking small steps to healthy living. His messages encourage fresh thinking, smarter choices and greater ownership through resting, eating and moving. CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, their employees, families and friends have adopted his distinctive approach to health and performance.

A gifted communicator, Chris’ interactive style combines personal stories with authenticity, vulnerability and humor that take the audience on a journey of self-discovery. Audience members are armed with the tools they need to begin their journey to a LIFE on Target.

Creator of the Food Target® and bestselling author of "On Target Living," Chris’s thought leadership and integrity allows him to move with ease and grace from the boardroom to the individuals sitting with him waiting to board his next plane.

Speech Topics

Life on Target

LIFE can be interpreted as: growth, existence, fate, vitality and an opportunity! LIFE On Target is just that - an opportunity to incorporate balance, energy and vitality into your routine.

The media is pulling us in different directions regarding healthy living; it is confusing and difficult to break through the clutter. New diets, flashy exercise programs, books, medications and technology are all vying for our attention. Is it possible to build habits and create a foundation that will last forever? What if there was a simple way to plan for the future?

Chris Johnson, author and expert on health and performance, is the leading authority on small steps to healthy living. His one step at a time philosophy helps create hope and a belief that anyone and everyone can achieve it. His mission is to inspire people to take action and to discover their WHY.

LIFE On Target is more than just a presentation: LIFE On Target touches all five senses and empowers you to unlock the LIFE you’ve always dreamed.

Moving the Dial

We have to talk about the Elephant in the Room: Rising Health Care Costs! Employers invest billions of dollars on health and wellness solutions looking to trim cost and risk, yet health and performance outcomes are not improving significantly. We have unlimited access to health education, cutting edge hospital systems, highly trained health professionals and innovative technology, but we still are not Moving the Dial.

What if the problem isn’t health care policy, the environment, lack of education or incentives in the workplace? What if the problem is our mindset on health and performance in the workplace? What if our mindset on health and performance was similar to that of leadership, management, marketing, and sales?

The ability to Move the Dial requires a change in human behavior. Chris Johnson, national speaker and best selling author, has been moving the dial over the last 30 years on employee wellbeing. In this presentation, Chris shares his thought leadership on how to make employee health and performance a viable business solution for the future.

  • Recognize the missing link between employee health and performance
  • Understand the 3-pillars to employee well-being
  • Help Move the Dial on health and performance in the workplace
  • Create a competitive advantage in your organization

We cannot fix the health care problem by simply making our health care system more efficient. The cost of treating a disease is the ‘elephant in the room” that must be discussed. Imagine if everyone looked at health care from a new perspective? Having more healthy people should be our goal, not more health care options!

Decoding Your Health

The first step in making any change is self-awareness. For many, the thought of learning how to listen to your body is completely new. We either don’t stop and listen to the warning signs, or don't know what questions to ask.

Overworked, trouble sleeping, overweight, chronic pain, undernourished, digestive issues,high blood pressure, low energy, feeling stressed, acid reflux, Type-2 Diabetes or taking more medications than you like? In our fast paced lives it is easy to get out of balance.

This session will help the audience learn HOW to:

  • Recognize stress and how to manage it
  • Get a better night’s sleep
  • Build a strong immune system
  • Balance cholesterol
  • Build a sustainable exercise and nutritional program
  • Take control of YOUR health

In this presentation, Chris shares "real life stories" that captivate the audience and teach them the recognizable clues the body is giving. He offers easy-to-implement solutions needed to achieve greater health and performance.

Get Your Move On

If exercise came in a pill it would be the most prescribed medicine in the world. Daily movement or exercise is the real fountain of youth, keeping us healthy looking from the inside out.

There are endless benefits to exercise: - Relieves stress - Keeps our minds happy and healthy - Improves digestion and regulates bowel movements - Aids in weight loss - Balances hormones - Increases confidence and improves performance

This MOVE session will help you to understand just how important exercise can be for life, work, and overall well-being. Just as you should focus on the quality of food you are eating versus the number of calories— the same is true of your exercise plan. The key is to focus on quality versus quantity of exercise. Forget about hopping on the elliptical for hours on end or feeling like you have to work out for two hours a day to see results. Make the limited time you have count.

In this high energy MOVE session you will learn the fundamentals needed to achieve your goal and see maximum results. Want to build more strength? Improve energy? Lose weight? And be more metabolically active? Want a routine that is fun, quick, and improves body alignment, posture, core, flexibility, balance, strength and overall fitness? If you are new to exercise or a long-time exerciser who wants to learn more than this MOVE session is for you.

Remember that motion creates positive emotion.

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