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Innovator, Business Builder, and Author on the Future of the Global Economy

Chris's mission is to anticipate and shape the future of business, a goal he has pursued as entrepreneur, executive, consultant, author, and as the leader of Ernst & Young's Center for Business Innovation.

Chris' fourth book, "Standing on the Sun," was published by Harvard Business School Press in February 2012. The Financial Times called it "The antidote to pessimism of the post-crisis world." Chris' previous books include the "BusinessWeek Best Seller Blur: The Speed of Change in the Connected Economy and Future Wealth." He blogs on the Harvard Business Review site, and has contributed to publications including Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, Fast Company, TIME, The Wall Street Journal, and BusinessWeek.

He is the CEO of NERVE, LLC, an innovation advisory firm. From 2004 to 2009 he was the Founder and Chief Executive of Monitor Networks, a Monitor Group company. Prior to joining Monitor Group, Chris was the Director of the Center for Business Innovation at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young. The Center fostered the conversation of leading issues among the business community, developed public conferences, established new services and businesses, and shared what it learned with business practitioners. At the CBI, he founded and served on the Board of the Bios Group, a venture that invested in applications of complexity theory to business.

Earlier, he was a Vice President and Group Head at Mercer Management Consulting, where from 1984 to 1995 he founded and built the firm’s practice in the digital industries.

Chris holds BAs in both Mathematics and Economics from Brandeis University and a M.B.A. (with Distinction) from The Harvard Business School. In addition, he held a University Predoctoral Fellowship in Economics at the University of Pennsylvania. He serves on the Boards of Icosystem, the Bankinter Foundation for Innovation, the Business Innovation Factory, and the New Rep Theater, and the Advisory Boards of Innocentive and LaunchCyte.


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Speech Topics

Standing on the Sun: The Evolving Nature of Capitalism

Capitalism changes as new players enter—that much is clear. But that one seemingly simple insight has the potential to transform the way we understand the global economy.

While we’ve all been standing on the earth (like medieval astronomers), Chris Meyer suggests that we take a step back, find the center of the system, and learn what’s really going on.

This enlightening presentation, based on research from his book, "Standing on the Sun," explores our evolving system—from what it means for competition, to how we should really understand the shift toward stakeholder value, to how the social sector will serve as the new R&D lab. Along the way, Chris takes the audience to the far reaches of capitalism, from the sausage vendors in Southeast Asia, to strange hybrid companies in India, to the head of global multinationals in the United States.

Capitalists thrive by adapting their beliefs, assumptions and practices when their environment changes. Chris will talk about what the next challenges are and the responses that are already visible in the world’s emerging economies. Insightful and thought-provoking, this presentation will inform anyone seeking to understand the emerging shape of global capitalism and what that shape means for businesses around the world.

The Adaptive Enterprise

Ninety-nine percent of all species ever to have lived on earth are now extinct, and 99 percent of all companies that ever existed are now gone. Chris lays out how, in a world of increasing economic and structural volatility, organizations must become truly adaptive to survive, much less thrive. Taking lessons from the biological world, adaptive enterprises have the capacity to sense, respond to and adapt to changes in their environment. The conundrum is that most organizations were designed to preserve and reinforce stability, which puts them at risk for financial or strategic obsolescence. Chris shows how a new group of companies are putting this adaptive capability into their genes by examining Capital One, the U.S. Marine Corps, BP and Maxygen. He proposes six practical business principles that can be implemented today.

Network-based Business Innovation

If most of the great ideas for innovation reside outside the four walls of your organization, how can your company best access and exploit them? Chris makes a strong case for network-based business innovation. The key is in using networks of individuals—both within and outside of your institution—to garner different perspectives on a problem, recombine these perspectives to generate new approaches and then apply selective pressure to squeeze out the most inventive and useful ideas. Chris introduces his audience to “WorkNets,” a method of linking these diverse sources of innovation and ensuring they have traction in the enterprise.


Christopher A. Meyer Obituary

Christopher A. Meyer, 45, of 30 Woodland Avenue, Middletown, entered into rest suddenly on Saturday, September 14, 2013, at the Harrisburg Hospital.

Christopher Meyer | Innovator, business builder, author, founder of ...

by Christopher Meyer. Before we were a single connected world, the United States was a protected labor market. It was difficult to do work outside of the United ...

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