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National Elevator Pitch Champion, Expert on Sales Leadership & Collaboration

National elevator pitch champion, Chris Westfall, is the "sales accelerator". An expert on leadership, collaboration and complex sales processes, he regularly speaks to international executives at Hewlett-Packard (the largest technology company in the world). He's also an award-winning instructor at the #9-rated MBA program at Southern Methodist University (SMU).

According to Jeffrey Hayzlett, former CMO of Eastman Kodak Corporation and author of The Mirror Test (one of Business Week's top 3 business books for 2010), the new elevator pitch is 118 seconds long - about the length of the average elevator ride in New York City. The elevator speech for the new economy requires that you can 'stand and deliver' a message that's authentic, compelling and relevant. No matter what your profession, we all have to influence others on a daily basis - providing the kind of communication that inspires others to take action.

As one of the foremost sales consultants in the market today, Chris Westfall has appeared on CNN, ABC-NEWS, and NBC. He has written for a variety of magazines and newspapers, and his first book is due out in early 2012. In addition to Hewlett-Packard (HP), clients include Lutron, American Institute of Architects, Lexicon Senior Healthcare, Texas Christian University, and more.

|-| "First of all, Chris is the best speaker I've ever worked with..." - Vice President Marketing, RGB Spectrum |-| "A dynamic, engaging speaker..." - Senior Director, IBM Global Consulting |-| "Chris brings products and ideas to life in a way that few sales leaders can..." - CEO, United Visual

What You Can Expect from Chris Westfall

Expert Leadership, from an award-winning MBA instructor Exceptional entertainment value, with proven sales acceleration strategies Team-building, collaboration and innovation: practical advice to transform your business

More detailed testimonials:

Chris has that rare ability as a communicator to get people involved and excited in whatever his presentation is covering. He is always well-prepared and thorough, and is able to get his point across decisively and directly in language that is easily understood and that can be effectively acted upon. - Gary Cullen, President, J&G Sales

With charisma and confidence Chris brings products and ideas to life in a way that few sales leaders can. Beyond his tremendous sales skills, Chris is also a person of empathy and sincerity. He balances the excitement he creates with a sensitivity to the needs of his customers and colleagues alike. - Daniel Newman, CEO, United Visual

Dynamic is the word that comes to mind when I think of Chris. I have seen him present in front of a variety of groups and each time the audience is riveted- Julianne OConnor, Business Development, WJHW

Speech Topics

Finding the Millennial CEO - Workshop

Here’s a workshop designed to help inspire and retain the Millennial generation— the leaders of tomorrow—by fostering greater understanding, cooperation and efficiency across all generations. And Here’s What’s New... A lot has been said about “The Mysterious Millennial”. Observers have noted generalized characteristics, many of them unflattering or at the very least, confounding, when considered carefully. But, Finding the Millennial CEO shatters the myths, overcomes the challenges, and provides a path to greater understanding, retention and performance from your company.


We've got more ways than ever to connect, but are we really making the connections that matter? Your brand is the life-blood of your business, and how you connect to customers starts with your story. Whether you tweet it or tell it, this innovative and interactive seminar will help your organization to: Get down to the real value behind your brand Turn that value into a powerful and compelling message for your clients and prospects Provide insight into how to turn innovation into top-line results Chris Westfall is the national elevator pitch champion, and an award-winning MBA instructor at a top-10 program. His strategies have helped create multi-million dollar revenue streams for companies and individuals, based on the concepts provided in Bulletproof Branding.
When it comes to creating your message, you need a story that's bulletproof - otherwise, it's lost in the noise!

Secrets of The NEW Elevator Pitch - Workshop

IS YOUR STORY…POWERFUL AND COMPELLING? An Interactive Workshop, Where the Audience Works on Creating a Great NEW Elevator Pitch - Highly Interactive Whether you tweet it or tell it, your story has to be strong, or it’s lost in all the noise. When it’s time to get down to business, it’s time to talk. And, not just “chit chat”—when the stakes are high, your message hasto be concise, clear and compelling. Companies and organizations have used these strategies to cut through the distractions and change the conversation. What could happen within your organization— or your career—if you understood the process of influence and persuasion? How would that impact your revenues, your team, your customers…and your results? Put your story to the test, with the national elevator pitch champion!

Secrets of The NEW Elevator Pitch

CHANGE YOUR STORY, CHANGE YOUR RESULTS BE INFLUENTIAL - AND MAKE YOUR MESAGE MATTER The NEW Elevator Pitch is more than just a two-minute speech—it’s a method of influential communication for the digital age. You’ve got more ways than ever to connect—but, are you really making real connections? When it’s time to stand and deliver, you’ve got to havea story that sells. What would it mean to you, to know that you could influence the people that matter most? Discover the insights of the National Elevator Pitch Champion, and watch what happens when you change your story.

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