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Christian ter Maat  

'Buckle up and get into the driver's seat!'

Christian ter Maat enjoys to work interactive with his audience. It is matter of giving and taking. In his workshops and presentations, he tries to let the audience participate and he finds a fit with the theories and brings relevant practical examples. His energy needs to result in awakening listeners. He creates th!nkbites as tools and inspiration for the future.

DO NOT 'sit back and relax', BUT 'buckle up and get into the driver's seat'!

As a Management Consultant, Christian interacts with different organisations and finds unique capabilities in relation to the external market, which are of strategic importance. The organisation and consultant learn from each other and this is input for his presentations and articles which are publicised on several websites. His curiosity in combination with foreign travel and digesting management literature gives colour to his consultancy and presentations. And like all chameleons, also Christian has been coloured by his diverse work experience.

Christian ter Maat has had interesting roles in his career and is able to talk about interesting company's structures, cultures and other topics. He started his career as floor manager with The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF & PAN). This organisation was capable of creating an extraordinary customer experience whilst maintaining a high service quality. Afterwards he commenced with five Canadians and Dutch colleagues Cirque du Soleil Europe. Cirque du Soleil excels in presenting new forms of entertainment in a very special environment. Cirque has been an example to many cultural organisations and other companies globally. From live entertainment Christian moved into the film, television and advertising industry. As Managing Director Showcase Placements Europe, he opened and managed six European offices. Showcase was the exclusive product placement agency for Ford Motor Company (Ford, Jaguar, Volvo, Aston Martin and Landrover). The automotive industry is known for its large budgets and professional marketing operations.

Christian felt the urge to enlarge his marketing competencies and moving closer to the top executives. He graduated at the Erasmus University Rotterdam to Master Corporate Communication (MCC). Integrated communication and reputation management are the means and objectives that should be aligned with the corporate strategy, was the starting point in this master programme.

At Maison van den Boer Christian was Marketing Director, member of the board and responsible for the business unit 'Maison van den Boer Events'.

Christian obtained a second post-graduate degree; Master Management Consultant (MMC) at the free University (VU) Amsterdam. Afterwards, he founded Carevolution a organisation & management consultants 'who cares about clients, people & society'. In 2007 Christian participated in the non-executive board members programme at Nyenrode Business University. Christian has worked in various European countries and has North American experience as well and has worked with different cultures. In his career he has worked in various industries: media, communication & marketing, online services & E-Commerce, entertainment, creative industries, hospitality & events, travel, leisure, tourism, sports, retail, wellness & care, charity, professional services, real-estate and automotive.


  • Strategy, what’s in the name? The process from mission, vision, objectives to strategy

  • Cutting the red tape! Bureaucracy raises resistance, liberate your organisation

  • Clientastic! Nurturing and seducing clients

  • We communicated; they did not listen! From traditional PR to sustained reputation management

  • Business blindness; explore capabilities & identify markets

  • From client focus to service quality to client satisfaction

  • Learning from errors, clients and other stakeholders

  • Reputation management

  • Find and make use of your critic th!nkbites. Good ideas or success attract clients, talent and investors

  • The roadmap from clients’ needs & wants to desires

  • Corporate Governance; comply or explain that is the question

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