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Author, wine educator/entertainer for corporate, cultural, educational, non-profit audiences. New book "Secrets from The Wine Diva: Tips on Buying, Ordering & Enjoying Wine".

Author and wine educator, Christine Ansbacher, is known professionally as The Wine Diva because “she’s intent on instructing with a healthy dose of theatrics,” according to the New York Post. As a featured speaker at corporate, convention, cultural and non-profit events throughout the US, her clients include icons such as Merrill Lynch, American Express, Pizza Hut and The New York Philharmonic. Clients count on Christine to wake up glassy-eyed conference goers at break-out sessions, break the ice at new business events, energize straightforward dinners… and even act as the high-voltage auctioneer at non-profit fundraisers.

Since the launch of her new book entitled “Secrets from The Wine Diva: Tips on Buying, Ordering and Enjoying Wine” (Sterling, 2006), Christine has been a sought-after keynote speaker at prestigious wine festivals across the US including Las Vegas, Denver, Atlanta and Miami. Her wine tastings are inter-active, fast-paced programs where everyone gets involved, has fun and learns about wine and food. She charms her audiences with witty quips, colorful wine lore, and funny answers to questions from guests. You will breathe a sigh of relief to learn she avoids the typical “vino babble” about soil, climate and how a wine smells like blueberries with a whiff of smoky bacon fat and tar. Instead, she shares practical tips to help regular wine drinkers get more pleasure from their glass and not have to pay a lot for their pleasure. For example: •three tricks to make a $10 Cabernet taste like a $30 bottle •six reasons to actually refuse a bottle of wine at a restaurant •great values and smart splurges in restaurants and the wine store •how to avoid the dreaded “red wine headache.”

Her wine credentials are top notch. She has the highest certification from the Society of Wine Educators and is a Certified Wine Educator, (CWE), which requires an exceptional standard of academic knowledge and sensory capability. There are only 180 CWEs in the US. She has also earned an advanced three year Diploma (DWS) from the London-based Wine & Spirit Education Trust and is in a select circle with only 75 other US wine professionals.

CHRISTINE'S MOST REQUESTED TOPICS: •Instant Wine Savvy: 10 Tips to Save You Time, Money & Aggravation •Great Values & Smart Splurges in Restaurants & Wine Stores •Chardonnay Boot Camp •Food and Wine Pairing 101: A Simple, Foolproof System to Help You Pair with Flair •Shoot Out: California vs. French Wines Made From the Same Grape •Taste Your Way to an Affordable Wine Cellar: Six Ways to Drink Better for Less •Wine Smarts for Client Entertaining at a Restaurant •Gorgeous “Redheads” from Around the World •Famous People, the Wines They Loved, and the Times They Lived In: History-based Wine Adventures (Can be done without wine being served)


•"You made my leadership award dinner even more special and everyone enjoyed your practical tips and entertaining wine stories." - Top Corporate Officer, Wachovia

•"You were a hit. Our directors and international franchisee board members thoroughly enjoyed the evening." - Top Corporate Office, Pizza Hut

•"The evening was GREAT fun! We are all competitive and the wine quiz for prizes was a nice touch. I wish I had won the Cork Pop!" - VP Marketing, Pfizer

•“Everyone loved your fabulous presentation! Your enthusiasm for and knowledge of wine clearly made the difference at our event. Thank you again.” - Partners, KPMG

•"You were outstanding and my group had a great time." - EVP, Marsh USA EVENT & MEETING PLANNERS

•"Your knowledge of Champagne and wines, combined with your creativity, resulted in an entertaining addition to our Private Equity conference. Your use of the saber was fantastic and unique. My colleagues have all been informed of the success of your tasting and you popularity. You were a hit!" - Director of Special Events, Merrill Lynch

•"Our Pfizer clients really enjoyed the entertainment aspect while being privy to all of your great tips, tricks and tidbits of useful information you shared so enthusiastically. We'd love to use you immediately at an event for key opinion leaders in neurology that we have coming to New York this weekend." - Event Manager, CC Ford Healthcare

•"Our international clients raved about your suggestions on how to find good values on a restaurant wine list." - Event Planner, Societe General

•"Thanks for doing another wonderful event." - Special Events Manager, Merrill Lynch

•"Thank you for entertaining my colleagues with your theatrics and knowledge of wine! The consensus is that you were a hit!" - Event Specialist, Marsh USA NON-PROFIT, CULTURAL, EDUCATIONAL & SOCIAL CLIENTS

•"Learning about wine was fascinating, but equally fascinating was watching you work your magic at our auction. We went in expecting to make a certain amount of money and because of your skill and personality, we doubled our expectations. Thank you so much. – EVP, STRIVE

•“I don't know where to begin to thank you for all that you did to make the Spring Benefit such a stunning success." - Director of Special Events, New York Philharmonic


INSTANT WINE SAVVY: TIPS TO SAVE YOU TIME, MONEY AND AGGRAVATION Christine reveals how to get more pleasure from your glass and not have to pay a lot for the pleasure. Taste wines that reflect some of these practical tips: 1. Three tricks to make a $10 Cabernet taste like a $30 bottle 2. Great values and smart splurges on a wine list and at the store 3. Six reasons to actually refuse a bottle of wine at a restaurant 4. Foolproof wines to help you pair with flair 5. Why you shouldn’t store wines in the refrigerator 6. Two ways to get out a difficult cork in just seconds 7. Five products to save leftover wine so it’s really fresh many days later 8. How to avoid the dreaded red wine headache 9. An unexpected super-fast way to chill your wine 10. Two quick fixes: how to remove red wine stains on your teeth and on your clothes

GOOD VALUES & SMART SPLURGES: HOW TO SPOT THEM IN RESTAURANTS & AT THE STORE If spending less but drinking better wine sounds good to you, read on. Taste wines from California and around the world that reflect how to get more for your money and aren’t the “same old, same old.” Branch out from your tried and true Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay. Give Merlot, Pinot Noir and Cabernet a rest. Discover six other grape varieties where, happily, the name of the grape is the name of the wine. These wines reflect good values and smart splurges. Christine will reveal how to get even more pleasure from your glass via proper serving temperature, aeration and glassware. She will share six problems that should make you say, “take back this wine and bring me another bottle.” Along the way, you’ll pick up a few foolproof tips for pairing these wines with food, as well as other money-saving tips about “second labels” and “satellite” wines.

CHARDONNAY BOOT CAMP Enlist now and discover how Chardonnay can be camouflaged to taste like six completely different wine styles so that this grape can infiltrate an entire meal from appetizer to dessert. Maneuvers will cover a lot of ground from California to Australia, France and Italy. When The Wine Diva gives an order to “Give me five” you aren’t doing push ups on the ground, but swirling your wine in the glass three times, sniffing it, then tasting it. In response to any command, troops say with gusto, “Yes, M’am, Wine Diva.” The taste differences and preferences you discover in basic training will help you make better command decisions in the field when you are in restaurants and at the wine store.

SHOOTOUT: CALIFORNIA VS. FRENCH WINES MADE FROM THE SAME GRAPE Taste and compare California and French wines made from the same grape: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Syrah. This novel side-by-side comparison helps you discover and appreciate the differences in style: •California epitomizes the "New World" style of winemaking: BIG - bold fruit flavors, strong oaky aromas and high alcohol. •France stands for the "Old World" style: SUBTLE - subdued fruit, restrained oak, moderate alcohol and more complex flavors that are revealed as the wine evolves. Each pair of wines is tasted blind. Most people are amazed to discover they really can identify correctly which wine is which from just a few sniffs and sips. Another surprise comes if they find out they prefer one style over the other no matter what the grape variety. Then Christine throws a few curve balls and has the audience taste California wines made in the Old World style.

WINE SMARTS FOR CLIENT ENTERTAINING AT A RESTAURANT Corporations recognize that their young professionals need to increase their wine savoir faire since having some wine knowledge is perceived as a social skill today. This seminar covers: •Useless/necessary rituals of wine service •Glassware etiquette •How to navigate an impressive wine list •Affordable, delicious wines off the "Cabernet and Chardonnay Highway" •Six reasons to refuse a bottle of wine •Basics of food and wine pairing •How to BYOB to a restaurant •How much to tip the sommelier

GORGEOUS REDHEADS FROM AROUND THE WORLD You may be a "Cabernet dude," but this tasting will tempt you away from your usual California Cab to be more adventurous and possibly fall in love again. Taste eight food-friendly, affordable full-bodied redheads with foreign accents. Discover red wines that work well with fish and lighter fare plus reds that go with smoky barbeque dishes, grilled foods and spicy foods. And let's not forget a wine for Thanksgiving dinner with its spicy stuffing, rich gravy and hearty side dishes.

TASTE YOUR WAY TO AN AFFORDABLE WINE CELLAR: SIX WAYS TO DRINK BETTER FOR LESS Enjoy wines you can find every day to stock your new or existing cellar without emptying your wallet. All it takes is a willingness to try some unfamiliar wines: delicious alternatives for pricey Cabernet and Chardonnay; less familiar grape varieties; wines from less familiar wine regions. Discover the “wanna be’s”…the up and coming stars that recently have doubled and tripled in price as well as wines that are next door to pricey vineyards. Finally, taste “second labels” that are often dead ringers at half the price for renowned wines made by great producers in both Bordeaux and California.

FOOD & WINE PAIRING 101: A SIMPLE, FOOLPROOF SYSTEM TO PAIR WITH FLAIR If you’re just beginning to experiment with food and wine pairing you need to know a little, but not too much or you’ll suffer from overload. In this tasting you’ll learn three simple guidelines that are easy to remember. But first, The Wine Diva says forget white wine with fish and red wine with meat. Be color blind! Then, run through the answers to these three questions in just a few seconds:

1.COOKING METHOD: Is the dish cooked in a clear liquid (water, broth, oil) vs. browned (roasted, baked, sautéed, grilled)?

2.FAT: Is the meat fatty or lean? Or does the dish have a dominant fatty ingredient like butter, sour cream or mayonnaise?

3.THE “S” FACTOR: Does the dish have Spicy, Salty or Smoky ingredients? Christine reveals how the answers to these three questions can immediately tell you the best type of wine to go with your meal. Using her foolproof system you’ll be confident and prepared for any wine pairing occasion. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

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