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Bestselling Author; Women Empowerment, Mental Health & Working Parents Advocate; #1 Global Voice For Working Moms

Christine Michel Carter, acclaimed as 'the mom of mom influencers' by Katie Couric, is a visionary force reshaping the landscape for empowered working mothers. Beyond accolades, Carter actively addresses pressing issues such as the maternal mental health crisis, caregiving crisis, and shecession, leveraging her expertise in parent coaching, mother's room design, and corporate keynote speaking.

As a Senior Forbes Contributor with a vast readership, Carter fearlessly delves into social determinants of health, exploring topics like imposter syndrome, burnout, and the motherhood penalty. Her insights transcend traditional boundaries, predicting market trends and deciphering millennial consumer behavior.

A resilient trailblazer, Carter champions employee resource groups, advocates for the care economy, and collaborates with influential bodies including Vice President Kamala Harris, the U.S. Department of Labor, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. In her strategic partnerships with companies, she cuts through the noise with powerful words, engaging in authentic discussions about the intersection of career, motherhood, and advocacy.

Carter's impact extends to her best-selling books, "Can Mommy Go To Work?" and "MOM AF," guiding feminist parenting and illuminating the path for millennial mothers. Through transformative events like 'Mompreneur and Me,' she fosters a community inspiring a new era of empowered working mothers.

In a world hungry for change, Carter stands unflinchingly at the forefront, reshaping destinies, breaking glass ceilings, and igniting hope for millennial working women and mothers.

Notably, she is a member of the Caring Across Generations Business Care Council, SeekHer Foundation’s Advocacy Council, and serves as an advisory board member of Mom Congress and the Policy Center for Maternal Mental Health.

Speech Topics

Navigating the Intersection: Balancing Career and Motherhood

Christine Michel Carter's empowering talk delves into the challenges faced by working mothers in Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). She addresses pain points such as limited resources and time constraints, empathizing with the emotional triggers of invisibility and microaggressions. Through a transformative approach, Carter offers visionary leadership insights on her dedicated site page, guiding ERGs to overcome obstacles and foster a supportive workplace.

Christine engages her audience with a blend of personal anecdotes, data-driven insights, and practical tips. Her delivery style combines empathy and humor, creating an impactful and relatable experience for ERG members. The talk is structured to encourage active participation, fostering a sense of community and shared understanding.

Empowering Millennial Women: A Workshop on Career Advancement and Personal Growth

In this engaging workshop, Christine addresses ERGs' pain points, focusing on alignment with organizational goals and inclusivity challenges. Emotional triggers like stagnation and workload disparities are acknowledged, and Carter's strategic solutions become the offering through her dedicated site page. Companies benefit from market trend predictions, resilience, and advocacy, actively participating in closing the gender pay gap.

Christine employs interactive elements, breakout sessions, and practical insights to deliver an engaging workshop. Her dynamic speaking style resonates with millennial women, combining motivational storytelling with actionable strategies. Participants leave inspired, equipped with tools for personal and professional growth.

The Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion: Transformative Strategies for Success

This thought-provoking discussion centers on ERG leaders' challenges, including sustainability and resistance. Emotional triggers such as a lack of progress and career development barriers are recognized. Christine's collaborative impact is showcased on her site page, offering benefits like a strategic partnership, inspirational content, and leveraging her best-selling author status.

Christine employs a conversational yet impactful delivery style, using case studies and industry insights to illustrate the business case for diversity and inclusion. The discussion encourages dialogue and critical thinking, fostering a commitment to transformative strategies among ERG leaders.

Parental Support Programs: Enhancing Work-Life Integration

Addressing ERGs' pain points of limited resources and time constraints, this enlightening talk explores the emotional triggers of invisibility and microaggressions. Christine's inclusive solutions become the offering through her site page, providing visionary leadership and influential collaborations to support work-life integration.

Christine adopts a consultative approach, incorporating practical examples and success stories into her delivery. The talk is designed to inspire ERG leaders to implement parental support programs, fostering an inclusive workplace culture that enhances employee well-being and satisfaction.

Maternal Mental Health: Breaking the Stigma and Fostering Supportive Workplaces

Recognizing ERG leaders' challenges of resistance and burnout, Christine advocates for change on her site page. Emotional triggers, such as a lack of progress and career development barriers, are acknowledged. The talk brings benefits like closing the gender pay gap, inspirational content, and influential collaborations to companies embracing positive change.

Christine's delivery is characterized by authenticity and passion, creating a safe space for discussions around maternal mental health. She combines storytelling, expert insights, and actionable strategies to empower ERG leaders in creating stigma-free and supportive workplaces.


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