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Christine Van Loo  

Champion Athlete & Aerialist

Christine Van Loo is an international speaker, elite champion athlete and world-renowned aerialist. As a performer, she has performed well over 2000 times to a global audience in over 30 countries, inspiring millions of people around the world, everywhere from the Sydney Opera House to Madison Square Garden to the Kennedy Center. Live performances include opening for Paul McCartney solo before 100,000 people at a time.

As a keynote speaker, Christine helps individuals achieve breakthrough results by transcending limiting beliefs. Fortune 500 CEOs, corporate leaders, and employees all face limiting beliefs that prevent them from reaching their peak potential. Christine, an Olympic Female Athlete of the Year, artfully and strategically walks you through how to apply “unstoppable champion mindset” and “elite athletic habits” to your daily work life to rise above limiting beliefs, improve concentration, narrow your focus, and boost maximum productivity in business and life.

She has worked with these global brands: Nike, Sony, Redkin, American Honda, AT & T, Amheuser Busch, Cessna, Ciba Vision, Compaq, St. Jude Medical Center, and Belkin Corporation. Christine has also been featured on BBC's 100 Women, ESPN’s World Class Women, NBC’s The Today Show, Good Morning America, BET, in National Geographic World Magazine, in Time/Life Books, and on the cover of the International Gymnast Magazine.

Speech Topics

“From Kibble to Caviar: ?Winning Mindset Techniques to Sculpt Success"

Small mind shifts can cause major life shifts to our success. Learn champion techniques from a 7-time National Champion that will help you create significant breakthroughs in your personal and professional life, transcend your limiting beliefs and achieve your most ambitious personal and professional goals. ? All presentations are applicable to corporate audiences as well as educational groups.

"Falling to the Top: ?3 Steps to Peak Confidence"

The foundation of every action you will take, every goal will you achieve, and every ounce of potential you bring to your success is believing in yourself.

However, when 85% of the population, that’s 4 out of every 5 of you, according to research, lack self-esteem and 70% of the population suffers from imposter syndrome, the question becomes “How do you believe in yourself when you don’t?” We cannot realize our highest potential or fulfill our most audacious dreams without conquering self-doubt.

Learn 3 powerful steps by a champion athlete and world renown aerialist to transcend into peak confidence, conquer self-doubt and the imposter syndrome, and achieve world class success.

Un-define Yourself

You have a powerful sense of identity that - even if it is positive - regulates your finances, your health, your relationships, your success, and your happiness.

Learn 3 winning mindset strategies to expand your sense of self and rise above your perceived limits. Learn how to in an instant, bridge the gap between who you are now and who you want to become. Turn Terror into Triumph

We waste enormous amounts of time and energy trying to destroy our fear so that we might do the things we want or need to do that scare us. However, fear is a primary emotion. It is not something you can get rid of, transcend, or outrun, nor should you want to. If you resist it, fear will strengthen. If you try to control it, it will end up controlling you.

Despite all the negativity you hear about fear in the world, it is not a weakness, nor is it our enemy. Fear is as much a part of who we are as joy is. The energy of fear is neither good nor bad. You get to decide the kind of relationship you want to have with this neutral energy. You can let it paralyze you or you can partner with it to co-create a life of your dreams.

What would you do with fear on your side? Find out.

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