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Claude A. Rallins    

Founder of Black Ecology, Environmental Activist & Media Personality

Claude Rallins is a multifaceted media producer who has made a significant impact on various fields, including environmental activism, music, and broadcasting. Rallins has an impressive career history that started with him opening the first video resume company, VESS Inc., just a few years after graduating from high school. He went on to produce and host several TV and radio shows, including The Job Channel, Greenpeace Live, and U.N. Radio Chicago. Rallins also co-created Greenpeace ActionLine, a local-global phone-casting to voice-action tool that featured Action Alerts recorded in his studio.

Rallins' work has not gone unnoticed, and he has been recognized with several awards, including Greens Party Environmentalist of The Year. He is also a futurist who invested in premium TV and media domains to secure his vision of global TV streams in the early days of the internet. Rallins went online in '99 with Sonic Sanctuary, a pioneering audio website, and in 2009, he introduced and operated the first streaming in-room hotel TV channel service, L.A. LIVELY, for Sheraton L.A.

Before becoming an independent media producer, Rallins worked in various fields, including as a Hilton Hotel bartender, R&D Polymer Chemistry Lab Technician at Getty's Chemplex, and Gallery Administrator for Prism, the largest art gallery on Chicago's North Shore. Despite his success, Rallins has not forgotten his roots and fondly remembers his first job bagging groceries after leaving the orphanage where he was raised from the age of four.

Rallins continues to work on projects that raise awareness of environmental issues and has created Species TV to further his efforts.

Speech Topics

Revitalizing Human Ecology: Black Ecology, Spectral Cosmology, and the Path to Healing Our Planet

Centuries of planetary decline have finally led to the realization that the environment requires our urgent attention. However, as we strive to save the planet, we cannot forget about the politics of division that threaten to fracture human ecology. The rapid rise of hate-fueled political intercultural predation is perhaps an even greater threat than climate loss because technology cannot fix hate.

The challenge is to make a conscious choice to recognize and connect the human spectrum, with every hue man belonging. By exploring the spectral plateaus of being, we can heal human ecology, which in turn can heal ourselves, our businesses, and our planet.

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