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Political Analysts Bob Beckel & Cal Thomas of USA Today's 'Common Ground' Column

Common Ground consists of liberal Bob Beckel and conservative Cal Thomas, the authors of the syndicated USA Today column of the same name. These two politically savvy and politically different analysts take their differences and find the “common ground” that unites all Americans.

Beckel, one of Washington’s top political analysts began his work in politics in 1968, working for Robert F. Kennedy’s campaign. He worked in the White House as a deputy assistant secretary of state for the Carter administration, and was campaign manager for Walter Mondale. For the past several years, Beckel has had an active consulting practice, and advises his clients on communication strategy, consensus building, and public policy. He appears regularly on television as an analyst, working on CNN and for CBS This Morning. Beckel has also been a regular contributing columnist for the Los Angeles Times for the last three presidential campaigns.

Cal Thomas is one of the most widely read and highly regarded voices of the political scene. He has a twice-weekly column appearing in over 600 newspapers nationwide, and is a panelist on the popular Fox News Watch show. Thomas is a veteran of both broadcast and print journalism. He has worked for NBC, CNBC, PBS, and the Fox News Network. For his work, he has received a George Foster Peabody team reporting award, and awards from the Associated Press and United Press International. Thomas is also the author of ten books, including The Wit and Wisdom of Cal Thomas, Blinded by Might: Can the Religious Right Save America?, and Liberals for Lunch.

Their newest book, Common Ground: How to Stop the Partisan War That is Destroying America, is a call for liberal and conservatives to work together to get the United States back on track and to end the partisan war that is dividing us. It will be released on October 9, 2007. Although Beckel and Thomas have different opinions on almost every subject imaginable, the goal of Common Ground is to show audiences and Americans that bridges can be forged between differences, and agreements can be made. They understand that contentiousness and partisanship rule Washington right now, and they hope to change that. By openly discussing their differences, respecting each other’s opinions, and thoughtfully recognizing the validity of every view and opinion, they open up the doors for civil discourse, and hope to usher in a new era of American politics. More like a conversation between friends than a debate between enemies, they inspire audiences to find the common ground in their own beliefs, and put aside politics as usual.

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