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A Band, a Pro Lacrosse Player, a Creative Team, and a Bunch of Goofs from Oregon.

Con Bro Chill. When LMFAO, OK GO, and Freddy Mercury were smashed together, the Power Party Pop group “Con Bro Chill” was born.

This party has been brewing for decades and is finally being unleashed unto the world to slam people right in the face with the most mind blowing HAPPY you’ve ever experienced. Made up by Connor Martin (Party Host/Keytar/Pro Lacrosse Player), SAMM (Lead Vox/Producer), Ty Andre (Party/Art Director), and Steve Felts (Party Warrior/Art Demon) this band is here to have a good time. Lets Party.

Here’s the skinny. Con Bro Chill is a band, an alter ego, a pro lacrosse player’s nickname, a creative group, a YouTube personality, and a sweet party.

It can get complicated, but here’s a tiddle bit of the story.

Connor Martin’s alter-ego “Con Bro Chill” was first a series of YouTube videos directed by his brother SAMM (Warner Chapel/Atlantic Producer, Musician, and Director). In 2009, enabled by a summer internship with a lacrosse company, the two created one goofy video after another garnering attention from the lacrosse community. They had so much fun they just kept making them. In December 2009 Con Bro Chill released their first musical EP on iTunes titled This Is Cool featuring their biggest, stupidest song and video “Come To My Party.”

After Con graduated from Chapman University he was drafted to the Denver Outlaws of Major League Lacrosse. Con saw the dream was alive in lacrosse, music, videos, absurdity, and fun. SAMM took a serious hop on the CBC train and Con Bro Chill released its second EP on iTunes, This is Boom. The music took a big production leap thanks to SAMM’s talents and the boys went to work on the videos for “Arena” and “Respect Your Partner.” They spent the majority of 2011 writing and recording their new full-length album 3D Music (dropped January 31st) along with producing videos for the new album.

Early on in the Con Bro Chill goof experiment band members Ty Andre and Steve Felts (of Steve N’ Tyler) joined Con and SAMM contributing their wondrous talents to the party. Steve and Con were randomly selected to live together at Chapman University where they shared a room for 4 years (2 of those sharing bunk beds) and played college lacrosse together. Steve’s world-class performance skills, guitar shredding, artistic ability, fierce loyalty, acting prowess, word crafting, and production skills made him an obvious essential to the Con Bro Chill extravaganza. Ty was a long time childhood friend of Con and SAMM’s growing up in Lake Oswego, Oregon. With the support of the band, Ty’s creative vision and artistic skills were unleashed on the Con Bro Chill party. He took the platform of what SAMM and Con had created and reinvigorated CBC’s colorful, absurd aesthetic.

So the boys joined forces to make Con Bro Chill not just a lacrosse player’s stupid alter ego, but something bigger, something more fun, something that gives them a serious creative outlet. This is not a band that just writes music and plays the songs. Each member plays a different role within every aspect of CBC whether it’s the writing of the music, video production, content creation, or the overall development of CBC. In general you could say Con leads the party, living and breathing CBC. SAMM flirts with Freddy Mercury styled musical contributions, producing the music, singing high pitches, and directing all the videos. Ty can be seen at Goodwill or Home Depot creating our costumes/sets , acting in one of our short videos, and then seen taking over a dance club with his signature movements. And Steve is an all-purpose man factory of awesome dance moves, artistic creation, and musical enlightenment.

The band personally produces all their own videos and writes every bit of music used. They have wonderful friends who help them shoot or contribute random acts of sweetness, so sometimes it is hard to keep track of who did what.

No matter, Con will keep having fun and playing lacrosse as long as he can. SAMM will keep writing music until he dies. Ty will never stop acting and creating. And Steve will never stop brewing glory. But what Con Bro Chill is and how Con Bro Chill’s future will unfold still remains to be seen. But who cares, you should come party with us. For the kids.

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