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Mindset Coach, Entrepreneur & Breakthrough Manufacturer

Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Craig Siegel is a Global Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Mindset Coach and Founder of Cultivate Lasting Symphony, Inc (CLS), a fast-growing community of global changemakers optimizing human performance to uplevel all facets of life. Featured in top publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Siegel has exploded on the international scene with his bestselling book "The Reinvention Formula: How to Unlock a Bulletproof Mindset to Upgrade Your Life;" as well as his highly acclaimed, record-breaking podcast which has brought together some of the most well-known celebrities, entrepreneurs and athletes, including Ed Mylett, Marie Forleo, Dr. Shefali, Bethany Hamilton, Alicia Silverstone, Eric Thomas and NFL Hall of Famers Brian Dawkins and Edgerrin James, among others.

As a born and raised New Yorker, Siegel's life pivoted during the pandemic when he decided to leave behind a lucrative Wall Street career to go all in on his true calling: empowering individuals to shatter limiting beliefs, shift mindsets, and unlock their boundless success.

Known as the Reinvention Expert, Siegel's main goal is to empower people to live their highest potential both in business and personal lives. He lives by the mantra: When you dive into all things possible the possibilities of what you can achieve are limitless. Siegel has become a powerful, unforgettable voice in today’s world of reinvention, transforming the lives of millions of people.

Speech Topics

Sales Skills & Closing Techniques

The mindset and psychology of sales. Whether or not you are in a "sales' role, we are selling ourselves everyday in some capacity - this can be selling ourselves in a relationship, job interview, negotiating a phone bill.

Sales is about building rapport and relationships. People buy from people based on emotion.

The most important sell we ever make is selling ourselves on our intention. Learn the true art of closing with the proper mindset, preparation, and skillset.

The Law of Attraction and Intention

When you believe something is possible, your mind finds solutions to make it so. This is the power of intention.

If you could think about what you want in your mind and make it your dominant thought, you will bring it into your life utilizing the Law of Attraction, making it a reality. Thoughts become things. The universe is our mirror so you have to see yourself having it already.

To be inspired means to be in spirit.

Say yes to opportunities and possibilities. Everything can change in a short amount of time when you put yourself in that frequency, when you decide that you want more

Goal Setting + Strategy

Goals provide a sense of purpose and direction. If you’re going to think, you might as well think big. You cannot hit a target you cannot see and you will only go as far as your self-image of yourself.

Never underestimate your potential or discount your ability. Great achievements are based on perseverance. The only way you fail is if you don’t try. Too many people these days are playing small or are living in fear and as a result, they never accomplish anything truly magical or special. I know this from experience. It wasn't until I expanded my paradigms and what I saw possible for myself that I was able to really build my CLS empire and impact the world.

Hold yourself accountable to achieve your goals. Stack small wins. Prepare yourself for success. If your dream requires training or homework, do it. Give yourself every chance to get there and chances are you will.

Upgrading Your Mindset

Everybody’s life or performance in life, whether it be relationships, business, or entrepreneurship, all begins with a thought in our head and our mindset.

Over the course of the day we get a numerous amount of thoughts that come to us. Most are negative. The most successful and optimal people are aware of this and replace these thoughts with empowering ones. These thoughts create beliefs, and those beliefs create habits and behaviors, which then create the results.

The universe is a mirror, so if you have disempowering thoughts, you’ll get disempowering results but if you have optimistic empowering thoughts, the world will conspire for you as opposed to against you. Once we understand this, we can shift our perspective and mindset and crack open limitless physical and mental potential.

Reinventing Yourself

It is never too late to reinvent yourself or start over. Whether you are 20 or 55, it truly is never too late to do what you love and start your business or your dream job. We only get one shot at life, do what you love and do it with no regrets

Expanding Your Paradigms and Leveling Up

  • Changing your perspective on what you believe is possible for yourself
  • Replacing limitations with possibilities
  • How to think outside the box and take messy action
  • How to manufacture a moonshot

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Mindset Revamp

  • 3 Techniques to start incorporating NLP into your life
  • How to Cultivate Confidence on Command
  • How to remove the shackles and live on top of your story instead of inside of it

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