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Emmy-Nominated News Reporter, CEO of Spotlight Communications Group & Author of "More To Tell"

Crystal Bui is a first-generation Vietnamese-American television news reporter who was nominated for an Emmy award in 2021. She has worked in communications for more than 10 years and has candid, unparalleled insight into the media industry. Bui has reported on some of the biggest stories in the last decade: George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis and the subsequent riots throughout the city; investigations into hate crimes in the wake of the deadly Atlanta spa shootings where eight people were killed, including six Asian women; the Aaron Hernandez and Michelle Carter homicide trials, and many political races in the national spotlight, including Atlanta’s 2021 mayoral election and Georgia’s 2022 primary race. Her memoir, "More To Tell" was an Amazon Bestseller in the biographies of journalists category.

Bui was presented with the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award for her work reporting on George Floyd's death.

She has worked as a television news reporter and journalist for six stations around the country, serving at ABC, NBC, and CBS News local affiliates in every region: Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest, New England, New York City, the Midwest, and the South. Bui grew up in Santa Rosa, California, and is a graduate of Tufts University holding a double-degree in English and Women's Studies and a minor in Communications and Media Studies. She was a competitive swimmer in the Junior Olympics and a former English teacher at a Title 1 school in Hawaii.

Speech Topics

The Need for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

When eight people were gunned down in Atlanta, including six Asian women, reporting mistakes happened. The Medical Examiner’s office wrongly released partial names of some victims. Because newsrooms and government agencies weren’t adequately staffed with Asians, many didn’t catch on, and reporters went on air misidentifying who was killed. Being staffed without race and language diversity meant details were overlooked – or just wrong. Not only is this an issue in the wider media landscape, but it’s an issue that needs to be addressed because mistakes caused by lack of diversity can affect a company’s productivity and bottom line. Crystal Bui explains why diversity is needed for a robust and thriving workplace – using this travesty as an example of what can happen if the workforce isn’t representative of the population.

Asian Hate Crimes - Stop AAPI Hate

Crystal Bui's first brush with harassment for being Asian was when she was about five years old and a man told her to “go back to her own country” while pretending to shoot her mom and her. The Stop AAPI Hate organization reported between March 19, 2020, and February 28, 2021, there were nearly 3,800 hate incidents against the AAPI community. They released the data on the day a Georgia man killed eight people, six of them being Asian women. More recently, the FBI released their crime statistics estimates for 2022, and in it, an overly optimistic view: the first recorded drop in anti-Asian hate crimes since the start of the pandemic. But these numbers don’t automatically make Asians feel safe in America. This is a reminder that something needs to change for people to come forward because, like Crystal and her mother decades ago, they did not report the incident knowing it wouldn’t make much of a difference. This talk is about her personal experiences with bias and racism, and the resources needed to help minority communities, including a greater call for allyship and support.

Media Bias and Harmful Stereotypes

George Floyd was portrayed as a drug-addicted criminal and the victims of the Atlanta spa shootings were portrayed as Asian prostitutes by the national media. Until different racial groups are willing to interact with each other out of curiosity and respect, they will continue to base their assumptions on the bias they saw on the news or in movies. If communities were more exposed to differences, stereotypes that served to discriminate and marginalize would have been dispelled. Crystal Bui's media literacy talk helps others understand how being able to identify editorial bias will lead to better relationships among different racial communities. This is a greater call for allyship and why curiosity about differences is needed to heal.

Media and Public Speaking Training

This media training talk is tailored to corporate leaders. It’s a chance for executives to peer behind the camera and gain perspective. How do you handle reporter questions, especially the ones that are meant to trick you into saying something unflattering? Crystal Bui goes over the strategies she used as an investigative reporter for those “gotcha” questions. This talk helps the audience prepare for difficult questions, develop talking points, and stick to answers – regardless of the question. Crystal Bui also talks about some of the crisis communications experiences she's had and divulges the biggest flubs she's seen from interviewees. This gives executives the chance to interact with someone who has been in the industry and can candidly answer their burning questions.


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