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Dan Comiskey  

Former Canadian Football Player, Workplace Safety Advocate & Co-Author of "The Truth About Success"

Dan Comiskey played in the Canadian Football League for 13 seasons retiring in 2010 as a perennial all-star, but more importantly to him, as part of two Grey Cup Championship's with the Edmonton Eskimos.

Throughout the last half of his career Comiskey became passionate about worker’s safety and started developing leadership and behavioural programs that were used by major oil and gas, construction and manufacturing companies. These programs included classroom leadership training as a field level leadership coaching program designed to improve leadership and safety culture.

Comiskey has co-authored a number of books including "The Truth About Success," "Enduring Principles of Leadership," "Thirty-Eight Stories in Coaching," and "The Alignment Paradigm."

There is no audience that Comiskey is unable to reach, from frontline workers or leadership groups at safety meetings, to mixed audience conferences. With a combination of twenty years experience in football, and a decade of experience in industrial safety, Comiskey has become sought after by numerous organizations to deliver his message and improve the safety culture through his leadership coaching.

Speech Topics


Dan poignantly draws you into his world of sports and family to help each of us continue to strive for our passions as we fight through the inevitable challenges that we all face. As we go through these challenges we need to use everything at our disposal to protect ourselves and the ones we love from life altering or ending injuries. One of the biggest weapons that we all have in this journey is the ability to create our own habits.

Dan will explain how small initial changes lead to large unforeseen consequences over time. How? Incremental improvements become habit forming. In fact, they become part of character-building, or they become stumbling blocks.

We can either use the power of habits to help us create a safe work environment and a safe home life or we can choose to ignore the power of these behaviours. If we choose to ignore this power, we could be missing the opportunity for success or life.

If you need your people to grasp the power of their habits...

If you are watching complacency creep into your office or worksite...

Then you need to have Dan introduce them to the Power of Habit!


The challenges of adversity don’t disappear when you get home safe. The true challenges that people face are in their hearts and minds throughout the day and into the night, no matter where they are, true adversity is part of the human condition.

The question is, what do people have as a resource to deal with the true challenges of their lives. In this keynote Dan addresses the areas of peoples lives where they face true adversity and he unleashes a 3 step plan to win:

1 – Prepare

2 – Absorb

3 – Overcome

The question is not what you will do if the storm comes, it's what you will do WHEN it comes.

If you are working with people who face adversity in their lives, in their jobs, in their world…

If you need to give your people the power they need to overcome…

They need to hear this passionate, intelligent, powerful keynote so they too can Dig Deep!


Life is a team game just like football. The margin for error in either game is so small that a step in the wrong direction makes the difference between winning or losing and between living or dying. The other constant in both games is the need for absolute commitment. Everyone must be 100 percent accountable to their team and this commitment is essential for any degree of success.

There are so many distractions affecting your people today. They have access to everything they need at the touch of a button, and that doesn't even begin to address the distractions coming from every angle.

We know that small choices lead to large consequences over time for ourselves and the world around us. Incremental choices lead to huge outcomes that improve or detract from our lives. Our choices affect more than the person making them. Our choices affect our family and friends, and people we don't know, in ways we'd never imagine.

If you need your team to fight through all the distractions so they can be present in their tasks...

If you want them to fight through the fog to make the right decisions and follow the procedures that will keep them safe...

If you need a commitment from everyone on your team...

Then you need to remind them that everything matters. At the end of the day, everyone has to count on each other and that's the point!

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