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Dan Quayle    

44th Vice President of the United States

In an age of rough politics, the experiences of America’s 44th Vice President were among the roughest. From his turbulent first appearance on the national scene to his controversial battles with Hollywood, the media, and the legal profession, Dan Quayle found himself the target of unprecedented hostility.

Through it all, however, he stood firm for his beliefs and never backed down in the face of criticism -- a resilient performance that gained him grudging respect from even his harshest foes. Quayle is a fighter who came through great struggles with his integrity and good humor intact. In the process, he developed a large national following and continues to appear on lists of the most admired public figures of our time.

Author of three books, Standing Firm (1994); The American Family: Discovering The Values That Make Us Strong (1996); and Worth Fighting For (1999). Standing Firm is more than the title of a memoir; it is the personal motto of a man who experienced all the slings and arrows of national politics, yet emerged unbowed, unbroken, and with undimmed optimism and love for his country. Americans of all ages and interests flock to see Dan Quayle in person, intent on judging for themselves one of the best-known public figures of modern times.

Currently principle of a small Denver-based investment banking firm, JD Ford & Co., Quayle served for four years as a close confidant to President George Bush in times of war and peace, success and defeat. He built his outstanding political record as a come-from-behind politician, defeating a 16-year incumbent congressman at age 29, and an 18-year incumbent senator at age 33.

Nearly a generation before the term-limits movement was born, then-Congressman Quayle’s 1977 maiden speech in the House of Representatives called for a Constitutional amendment to limit Congressional terms. He was a leader in government reform years before it rose to the top of the national agenda. In 1992, he single-handedly brought family values to the political center stage. Over the past five years, he has been the GOP’s top fund-raiser.

Quayle joined Cerberus Capital Management, a private equity firm, in 1999. He currently serves as Chairman of Global Investments at Cerberus.

A successful author and veteran campaigner, Quayle is a skilled communicator who connects well with audiences of any size. He always accepts questions from listeners unless the host organization requests otherwise. Unlike many celebrity speakers, he will target his remarks to the issues most important to your organization. Whether the issue is education, politics, foreign affairs, or taxes and regulation, Quayle has been in the center arena shaping policy. He will bring this unmatched experience to your audience.


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