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Dan Schneider  

Opioid Crisis Advocate & Inspiration of Netflix’s “The Pharmacist”

Dan Schneider was born in 1950 in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans. He resided there for just 3mos, then white flight moved him to suburban Chalmette. He lived there for 56 years until 1 year after Katrina. He then moved to higher ground an hour away to Mandeville, La., where he resides today. His advocacy related to drug/addiction problems has most been in St. Bernard until the docuseries “The Pharmacist.”

Schneider went to public schools and graduated in 1969 from Chalmette high, where he was an All-District Tackle on the 1968 all-time greatest football team. Later he went on to Xavier pharmacy school and graduated in 1975 with honors. (Just Kidding)

His wife and high school sweetheart (Annie) were married in 1971. She worked and provided. He went to school and worked part-time. His wife retired to become a full time Mom. His son Danny was born 9/27/76. Lil Danny was a blond haired blue-eyed beautiful boy. He brought the Schneiders much joy. Their daughter Kristi came along in 1980 and completed what many called the Griswald family. Station wagon, family trips, a 17 ft. Christmas tree.

Schneider started working at K&B as a pharmacist and later at Eckerd Drug, and then on to Bradley’s Pharmacy now also of Netflix fame.

Then on 4/14/1999 their life changed. Their son was murdered while attempting to buy drugs. He had been a polite kid, no fights, no detentions, never stole from them or others. Only drug issue was he occasionally smoked pot, or so they thought. They were shocked, ashamed and blamed themselves for a while. After briefly doubting and being angry with God, Schneider grew closer to his faith than ever. He had to go find his son’s killer. Schneider asked God for help and protection for himself and the witness and promised that if he could get Danny’s killer off the street, he would go on a mission for him. Schneider would educate parents, youth and do anything to reduce the drug/addiction problem and prevent tragedies such as theirs.

His story is told in the Netflix docuseries “The Pharmacist”. The story is not over, it is still being written as he strives to build a nationwide movement to end the Opioid and Addiction Pandemic that has killed nearly a million since his son died. He calls Their Mission “The Tunnel of Hope”, as he hopes to bring Light to this dark National Tragedy.

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