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Internationally Bestselling Author Forecasts the Future of the Global Economy for Investors and Consumers

In a world rocked by economic downturns and geopolitical uncertainty, rational long-term forecasts and innovative strategies have special value for executives and investors. That’s where visionary economist Daniel Altman comes in. An internationally bestselling author and veteran of the Economist and New York Times, Altman has spent his career identifying and implementing solutions to the problems facing the global economy. Not only is Altman focused on growth and profitability, but he is also committed to improving the lives of people around the world. In his fascinating presentations, Altman outlines the steps that countries, businesses and individuals can take to enhance their economic future.

A renowned professor, writer, and advisor, Altman believes that it is deeply ingrained factors – patterns that can be traced throughout history – that are dictating the economic and societal trends of today. His latest book, Outrageous Fortunes, uses this idea to identify 12 diverse trends that will reshape the global economy in the coming decades. Altman has played a direct part in fashioning this future as an economic advisor to the British Government. Today he is changing the way managers assess foreign investments as the inventor of the Baseline Profitability Index, a tool for assessing the attractiveness of markets around the world. He also serves as Chief Economist of the website Big Think.

A gifted speaker with a keen ambition to simplify the complex, Daniel Altman makes economics accessible to everyone. With an incredible range of knowledge and expertise, Altman shares his insights on subjects ranging from engaging with the Chinese economy to cultivating the competitive advantages of the American worker. His most recent work, in the young and fascinating science of sports analytics, uses data to understand how athletes work together to win games. Taking these same principles, he has developed tools for companies to help their employees achieve peak performance.

Altman’s pivotal contributions to the world of economics have challenged traditional assumptions and methods, and his presentations provide audiences with a roadmap to future success and growth. Not afraid of rocking the boat, Altman’s presentations leave audiences with a new perspective on economic trends and new ways to thrive in the global marketplace.

Speech Topics

The Future of China & the Pacific Rim

China's rising influence is reaching into every corner of the global economy. Speaker Daniel Altman explains the likely path of China's growth, the expanding importance of its currency, and the opportunities that will arise in other countries as China gets richer and exerts its economic power. He provides invaluable advice for companies and individuals involved in trade, overseas business, and portfolio investment throughout East Asia.

What Is the Future of Selling?

Speaker Daniel Altman has exhaustively researched the future of consumption in the global economy: what we will buy, how we will use it, and who will sell it to us. He explains how underlying trends in technology, population, and resources will affect all of these facets of selling in the coming years and he points out which public policies and strategies would make the most of these changes for the private sector.

What Are the True Returns in Emerging Markets?

Big economies like Brazil, China, and India attract plenty of attention from the markets but investors don't always see the returns they expect. Speaker Daniel Altman shows how combining smaller and safer markets can be a more sensible choice for exporters, multinationals, and portfolio investors. He also outlines the risks and opportunities that will drive the performance of emerging markets in the future.

How to Maximize Profits by Creating Social Benefits

Major investors in large public companies insist that executives maximize profits. But these companies can create massive benefits for society as well. Speaker Daniel Altman is one of the originators of the "long-term single-bottom line," an alternative to concepts such as corporate social responsibility, shared value, and double- and triple-bottom lines. He explains why the long-term single-bottom line is the best choice for shareholders, companies, and societies as a whole.

What's Next for the American Worker?

The recent economic downturn has shown that a good education and a wealth of experience are not always enough to keep the American worker competitive. Yet economist, author, and speaker Daniel Altman sees promising signs that distinctly American skills and talents can be brought to bear in the global economy, both in existing industries and in new roles. He shares his insights in this hopeful keynote.

Challenges for the Data-Driven Economy

Now that processing power and storage space are virtually unlimited, the main constraint to our use of data and the Internet is the human mind. Speaker Daniel Altman explains how we must balance the costs and benefits of wading through oceans of data and asks, with so many public goods being created, whether government or collective action can make the data-driven economy even more beneficial for society.

Bringing Productivity From the Playing Field to the Workplace

Daniel Altman is at the forefront of the emerging science of sports analytics, using data to understand how athletes work together to win games. With his deep background in economics, he translates empirical lessons from the soccer field into guidance for managers in the public and private sectors. By answering questions like "How much was David Beckham worth to his teams?", "Who are Manchester United's most pivotal players?" and "What is the value of a goal in the English Premier League?", he offers new ways for employers to choose targets and get the best out of their employees.

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