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Best-Selling Author & Expert on Digital Reputation Management

Daniel Lemin is a bestselling author and advisor on digital reputation management, ratings-and-reviews and word-of-mouth marketing. He splits his consulting time between his own firm, One Good Brand, where he works exclusively with a small roster of senior leaders on brand and executive reputation issues; and Convince & Convert, a senior-level content and digital marketing advisory firm serving the world's most iconic organizations.

Lemin was an early member of Google’s global communications team and led the launch of products in North America, EMEA, and Asia Pacific, and edited the Google Zeitgeist weekly research report featured in over 40 markets worldwide.

He was the co-founder of EatID, a food intelligence company that powers faster and more healthy food discovery through digital experiences and the creators of Selectivor and Food Expert.

His most recent book with co-author Jay Baer, "Talk Triggers," explores word-of-mouth marketing and lays out an indispensable framework for deploying it in your own organization. His first book, Manipurated, breaks down how brands and businesses should think about and manage online reviews.

A native of Ohio, Lemin earned his MBA from Quantic School of Business & Technology, and his MA in communications and leadership from Gonzaga University. He lives in Los Angeles with his cocker spaniel, Truman, by his side and enjoys the simple joys of gin martinis, jazz, and eating his way around the world—he’ll try nearly anything as long as it doesn’t bite back.

Speech Topics


Perfect for B2B and B2C audiences alike, Inside Out Marketing explores the rationale for building and cultivating a robust employee social media program that takes companies from good to great. It showcases the business case for creating employee advocacy programs, addresses key considerations in building and managing a program and creates a sense of urgency for attendees to create these programs in their own companies.

This is one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic areas of social media today, and is one of the most important topics to include in a digital marketing conference agenda.

This is generally a 60-minute breakout seminar that slots into existing conference agendas seamlessly. It will be customized for your particular audience with examples from their industry.


Based on his powerful book, Manipurated, this seminar is designed to provide attendees with a thorough introduction to the online rating-and-review universe and outline specific tips, tricks and hacks to make the medium work hard for their own business. This is a session geared to business owners and/or marketing executives. It can be packaged to fit inside any style of agenda or conference curriculum, but it is recommended to be at least a two-hour session. This is a premium training experience for attendees and draws on the author's 16 years of expertise in the digital marketing industry, including his career on Google's corporate marketing and communications team.


Manipurated is a hardhitting presentation of the powerful and misunderstood ratings and reviews industry - a multibilliondollar niche business that has operated under the radar since its inception. In the talk, outspoken industry insider Daniel Lemin - a wellknown digital and social media marketing expert and consultant - pulls the plug on the fraudulent, harmful and unethical practices of ratings and reviews companies and gives business owners tangible, realworld advice for fighting back and winning. Lemin coined the term Manipurated to define the mechanisms and strategies that have unfairly stacked harmful, misleading, and inaccurate ratings and reviews against thousands of small and mediumsized business owners, sole proprietors and independent contractors. It is part of a $5 billion industry that forever changed the landscape for business owners.

This is generally a 40 to 70-minute keynote talk and customized for every single event with relevant case studies and examples. It will be one of the most useful and energizing sessions in your entire agenda, one that will be guaranteed to get attendees talking.

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