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Daryn Kagan is the creator and host of DarynKagan.com, an inspirational online community that features a daily Web cast of stories that show millions of people what is possible.

You might remember Daryn Kagan from her more than 12 years as an anchor on CNN. Today, Daryn continues her television career as the host of RLTV’s “Bookmark.”

Daryn is also a syndicated newspaper columnist for Cox Newspapers. Her weekly, “What’s Possible!” column inspires readers in newspapers across the country.

80 of her most popular column make up her new book, “Hope Possible: A Network News Anchor’s Thoughts On Losing A Job, Finding Love, A New Career, And My Dog, Always My Dog.”

She is the creator and host of DarynKagan.com, an inspirational, online website featuring stories that, "Show the World What is Possible."

Daryn lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, daughter, and Little Sister from the Big Brother Big Sister program.

An old dog, a 3-legged cat and eight chickens complete the family.


Daryn Kagan
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Speech Topics

Show the World What is Possible!

Daryn shares her journey of going from respected national news anchor to creator of her own inspirational news company, which includes the web's one-top destination for inspiring news, DarynKagan.com. She shares the best stories that come together on her website and book, What's Possible! They are stories of people overcoming unbelievable obstacles and doing amazing things. The audience is sure to leave inspired believing many more things are possible in their own lives. Daryn also talks about the theme of reinvention. Most people will never be a network news anchor or create their own inspirational website, but most will come to a place where they have to reinvent themselves. It might be because of a job change, a divorce, or seeing kids grow up and move away. But at some point, the thing that you do, that defines you, will go away. Daryn shares what she's learned about reinvention that can inspire and encourage the entire audience. The reinvention theme applies to businesses, as well. In this fast-changing world and economy, businesses and employees must reinvent themselves to stay relevant. Daryn shares what she's learned about finding inspiration and creating your reinvention.

What a Journey!

Daryn shares her journey from small market TV news reporter to CNN news anchor to creator of DarynKagan.com, her own online inspirational community. Along the way, there have been incredible adventures including covering the Iraq war, traveling to Africa for two weeks with rock star, Bono, and covering Oscar's Red Carpet. She has great behind the scenes stories, as well. Like the news director who told her she didn't have, "It, that special something that would make her a success." The story of the haircut that she believes got her the job at CNN. And the behind the scene heartaches the audience doesn't know about, like finding out her mother had breast cancer just days before she leaves to cover the war. All the stories share a common theme of overcoming obstacles and going for a dream.

Soul Spa Celebration!

Let's Change the Way We Celebrate Ourselves As Women. Daryn has created an event that throws out the old way and reasons we celebrate ourselves as women. No longer do you have to wait for the wedding or the baby shower to get your people together. And by the way, it is time for those traditional celebrations to be refreshed, as well. Daryn shares her journey of deciding it was her time to bring her women friends together for a weekend of bonding, celebration and spirituality. And with her Soul Spa Celebration Guidebook, she shows you how you can create the same special event for yourself.

The Hope of Reinvention

Most people will never be a network news anchor or go onto form their own media company.

But most people will face a chapter of reinvention.

That time where the thing you called yourself goes away.

A job, a marriage, being a stay-at-home mom and your kids grow up.

What happens then.

In this very real, honest, and emotional talk, Daryn Kagan shares what it was like to lose her job at CNN and find herself at a dead end. No job, never married, never had kids.

She shares what she learned along the way to reinventing her career, finding love and becoming a mom, all in very unlikely ways.

Daryn manages to share her inspiring journey in a way that relates to many people facing the challenge of reinventing their lives.



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