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Dave Hill  

Re -Engineered Engineer

One of the toughest problems with employing and investing in smart people is that most people don't know how to convey important information effectively.

Dave has been an engineer for over 30 years and he understands the communication challenges that engineers and leaders face. He is a great example of a re-engineered engineer. His programs contain top-shelf content on communication strategies that are delivered in memorable and funny ways.

Dave is a professional speaker, author, trainer, and speech coach. He has written two books:

  • The Re-Engineered Engineer, Communication Strategies for Data-Driven People. Deliver Top-Shelf Content in Memorable and Engaging Ways.
  • Applause & Accolades, Attention-Grabbing Presentation Skills: Get Noticed & Promoted.


  • Worked with engineers, project managers, and other technical people for 30 years
  • Regular presenter at Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies
  • Television appearances in Dallas, Texas
  • World Championship of Public Speaking finalist in 2004. He was 1 of the 10 finalists out of 20,000 contestants
  • Award winning storyteller and humorous speaker
  • Coaches adults and youth on the art of developing and delivering presentations, stories, and humor


  • Dave conveys his ideas with Irish wit, humor, and personal stories

Worldwide traveler

  • Work has taken him to 75 countries from the shores of Ethiopia, to the Pacific Islands, to the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. He is originally from Ireland, and also holds nationalized citizenships from Canada and the USA.


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Speech Topics

Re-Engineer Your Career: How to Thrive in a Minefield

Secrets of successful engineers: Tactics that keep you on top.

Have you ever wondered:

  • Why your peers got a promotion or prime project while you weren’t considered…even though you’re as smart as they are?
  • How much better your work life could be if people just understood the value you could add to the organization?
  • When you are going to get to work on the innovative or important work?
  • Why it felt like you’re walking through a minefield at work and not sure what your next step should be?

It is possible to re-engineer your outcomes and improve your results to reach the next level. You can increase your professional influence and successfully navigate office politics to get more of what you want. However, you have to know the right strategies to connect, the right process to communicate and the right times to act.

Re-Engineer Your Engineers - Set them on Fire!

Wouldn’t you like to re-engineer your employees to:

  • Bring a problem solving approach to all projects?
  • Pitch in and help their peers?
  • Show up in a more positive mood?
  • Stay loyal instead of learning something new and taking it to your competition? Engage everyone around them?

Being a leader who is motivating and can get people engaged isn’t rocket science. It’s more like pyrotecni. If you want to light your employees up it requires some different techniques.

Re-Engineer your Communication Strategies

How to appear really smart in a world of frustrated communicators.

Ever thought you were:

  • Delivering crucial information but the audience was only grasping 10% of what you were saying?
  • Standing in front of a room of critics who thought they could do a better job than you?
  • Talking too much for too little end result/action? (not keeping their attention?)

There are ways to deliver top-shelf, data-driven content in a format that audiences grasp and remember. With the right communication skills, you can reduce your development time by 50%, increase the retention by 80% and convince people to not only agree but take action.

Re-Engineer your Presentations - Smart People Speak Better Naked!

Presentations undressed to reveal what audiences really need to see and hear.

Ever considered you could:

  • Design content so that audiences can grasp it quickly & retain it
  • Learn what works and what fails
  • Become the sought after presenter who engages and entertains

You Must Be Kidding!

Use stories and humor in business presentations.

Ever had the notion that you could:

  • Build rapport and engage your audience
  • Use relevant anecdotes to clarify your points
  • Communicate so well that people wish your talks were longer
  • Get customers to enjoy working with you

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