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Writer: CafeConLecheRepublicans.com. Listed:“Who’s Who in America”. Conservative. Prolife and proimmigrant activist. Quotes God a lot.

Education: Bachelor of Music Education, Drake University, 1967. Business owner: Family Music Center, started by my grandfather in 1922. Veteran: served in Lackland Air Force Band of the West, 1968-1970. Author: published "Prayer & Action News" since 1989, Hosted "The Uncle Ed. Show" since 1995, blog at www.CafeConLecheRepublicans.com since its founding, write for Latino newspapers. Several legal briefs. Self published books: "The Gift of 'governments'", 1990. "Eternal Hell: Heaven's Loving Purpose", 2011. Website: www.Saltshaker.US. Political experience: Iowa statehouse candidate a few times, volunteer lobbyist. Paralegal experience: Several court appearances, many legal briefs, including a few U.S. Supreme Court appeals. Some wins. Memberships: Iowa Society of Mayflower Descendants since 2000, Iowa Military Veteran's Band since 2002.


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1620: When Freedom was Reborn

Not for a thousand years had a government been created in which all had a voice and a vote. Not just church members, but unbelievers! Not just nobility and free men, but servants! Not just men, but female heads of household! All were offered a voice in their government and their church during Sunday afternoon Town Meetings. Even women spoke in many situations. What inspired these free-spirited pioneers in 1620? Can whatever inspired them, still inspire us? www.1620.US

Freedom of Speech: the untapped resource that can still save America

America doesn't have to remain so polarized, almost evenly divided about the most profound questions upon which civilization hangs. Our relationship skills are a bit weak when it comes to reasoning with each other when we disagree. We like being stirred up by cheerleaders for our side; we don't have a lot of patience interacting with our ideological opponents. Error festers when opponents do not interact, to exchange information and test theories. There are few fair forums where ideas can interact with each other on a level playing field. Talk shows are dominated by one view which gives little time to opposition. Website comment wars are stuffed with personal (ad hominem) attacks by A. Nonymous. Churches were once a place where people who disagree could develop their relationship skills in an atmosphere where participants were encouraged to love each other, but today churches forbid "controversial" topics. A vision forward, from seeds planted in the past. www.Saltshaker.US

Abortion's Fragile "legality"

A 2004 federal law defines all unborn babies, "at all stages of gestation", as "members of the species homo sapiens". This says precisely what Roe v. Wade said must be said for legal abortion to end - that if it should ever be "established" that unborn babies are humans/persons, then "of course" the legality of abortion "collapses". So why is abortion still "legal"? Only because prolifers haven't, in these 11 years, brought a court case that raises this argument. There are three kinds of cases that could finally overturn legal abortion, at three levels of controversiality. www.Saltshaker.US/SLIC

The Undocumented Economists that drive America's immigration debate

Immigration quotas are justified by mostly economic considerations: immigrants take jobs from citizens, drive down wages, sap our welfare budgets, drive America into debt, export our currency, etc. Did you know the researchers supporting these claims have not one degree in economics among them? Do you think this should matter? Undocumented Economists have a very pessimistic view of the impact of immigration, but credentialed economists have a narrow range of disagreement about a much more positive view; their virtual consensus is that no matter how many we allow to come legally, the economy will benefit at least some, and the short term paydown of our national debt will be dramatic. (We will need to repeal abortion for long term debt recovery.) Border security will be restored with repeal of quotas, because we will be able to do background checks on almost all who come, because they will be allowed to come through the legal checkpoints. The relatively miniscule percentage who will still try to come between the legal checkpoints because they can't pass a background check will be isolated and easy to stop. www.Saltshaker.US/HispanicHope


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