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Dave Lieber    

Speaker, Columnist & Yankee Cowboy Humorist

Dave Lieber is a certified professional speaker, award-winning newspaper columnist, business coach, and one of the nation’s top corporate storytelling strategists. He rode a bull in a rodeo (or two), interviewed the Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, lived in a nudist colony for three days for a newspaper story and, once, helped solve a murder. A popular keynote speaker, often described as super-funny and engaging, Lieber's programs delight dozens of audiences every year.

An expert in storytelling and strategy, Lieber customizes his programs for your particular area in the business world. He helps you understand how to use stories to build a higher profile, earn more sales, and gain raving fans. Learn how to show and not tell. Turn bullet points and data into stories. See how emotion and passion brings out everyone’s heart.

Lieber works as The Watchdog investigative columnist for the highly-respected Dallas Morning News. He fights for Americans, and shows them how to save time, money, and aggravation. He works to expose corruption and uses stories to make positive change. In 2019, he won top prize in the nation's largest column-writing contest sponsored by the National Society of Newspaper Columnists.

Speech Topics

Become a Citizen of Watchdog Nation

Bernard Madoffs are everywhere. There's nothing funny about getting hurt by a scammer or your bank or a credit card company. But if anyone can get you to laugh at these heartless institutions and show you how to beat them at their own game, it's The Dallas Morning News Watchdog columnist Dave Lieber. His Watchdog Nation®, shows Americans how to bite back and win. His inspirational and informative talk is based on his new book - Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation - winner of two national book awards for social change. He shares the latest information you can't find anywhere else on scams and corporate thievery.

"Customer Service Like No Other"

In today’s world, a business owner or employee can’t afford a bad day, a bad hour or even a bad moment. The world is watching and little incidents get magnified into big crises. Watchdog newspaper columnist has experience on both ends of the equation, as both an exposer of wrongs and also the victim of today’s modern world. He’ll show you how to remember that every moment counts. Every moment, especially the bad ones, are an opportunity to build customer loyalty that lasts forever.

Your Story Blows Me Away: How to be the Ultimate Communicator

Once you needed a website to attract, engage — and sell. That’s no longer good enough. Today you need to tell your story. Dave Lieber works with you to find your best stories and shows you how to share them with the world so your audience listens, cares — and, ultimately, believes in you.

If a New Yorker Can Make it in Texas, Imagine What You Can Do

Dave's most popular story about how he struggled to fit into Texas is a tale that everyone can relate to and find a piece of themselves in. At first, he didn't know if chicken-fried steak was chicken or steak. He didn't know which was the front end of a cowboy hat. He didn't even know who Garth Brooks was. But he overcame his struggle - thanks to a dog who hated him and a women's club that rescued him. You'll laugh, then cry - and in the end, the message of fitting into any new environment, new job or any new and challenging situation is a story of laughter and inspiration that audiences everywhere describe as truly memorable.

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