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David D. Walker    

President of Viribus Capital Advisors

Mr. David Walker has over twenty years of experience as a management executive in the engineering, finance, education and government industries. He has worked as a Managing Director and Partner, Founder and President, Adjunct professor at Northwestern University and U.S. government executive.

In these roles he has given a plethora of presentations on topics including global macro economic issues; financial derivatives and the risk they pose; environmental remediation techniques; the history of currency from ancient Babylon to the present; cryptocurrency; military history and techniques from the Roman Empire through World War II to the present; dressing for success especially after the many Covid Zoom calls; overcoming failure, adversity, rejection, tragedy and tough times in life; physical, mental and emotional fitness; the history and evolution of college football and other related topics.

Speech Topics

Emotional Resilience: Five ways to deal with the inevitable Failure, Adversity, Rejection, Tragedy and Tough times that will come your way.

This deals with five time tested techniques and specific examples to help you navigate the challenges that everyone faces at different times in their life. This presentation is also interactive and class participation is encouraged.

The history of currency: From Bartering to Bitcoin

This discussion dates back to ancient times when mankind was transitioning from hunter-gatherers to an agricultural society and sometimes crude farming equipment and seeds were exchanged for one another as a form of currency. This then fast forwards to the Chinese dynasty that first introduced a paper form of currency, talks about some historic bubbles, examples of hyper inflation and todays currency situation.

The U.S. Fixed Income Market: Five metrics used to analyze and value the attractiveness of a potential investment.

This presentation talks about five different metrics that are essential in assessing the attractiveness of a potential investment in a fixed income security which can be a corporate or government bond, a real estate investment or buying a business.

The indicators are the current risk free rate, the length of the investment, the current inflation rate, the liquidity of the investment and the likelihood of default. We then delve into detail of the five credit metrics and give real world examples of why some investments are better than others.

We will also discuss the great recession of 2008- 09 and the impact the fixed income market had on the economy.

Dress for Success post Covid lockdowns and zoom meetings

Almost 50 years after the publication of Dress For Success by John T. Molloy and after spending so much time locked up in our house or apartment where we could literal were a button down short over a t-shirt and boxers people are wanting to go out more socially, personally and professionally. This talk deals with the five different clothing styles depending on the image you want to project. That can be Traditional, timeless classic, trendy, european, urban or workmen's. It will then focus more on the Traditional timeless, classic category and focus on issues like shoes, suits, shirts, ties and outerwear. We will also discuss certain brands that fall into the Traditional, timeless classic and ways to buy new, quality clothes at a discount.

Military tactics and strategy: A historic perspective

This presentation deals with a historical account of military dynasties and battles and some common denominators that have stood the test of time in determining military success. These include superior technology, tactics, troops, training and leadership as well as the teaching of Sun Tau in the Art of War. We will look at the Roman Empire, what caused their decline and fall from a military perspective and then look at other military dynasties and what made them successful initially and some factors that led to their downfall.

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