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David Goldsmith    

Business Forecaster & Leadership-Management Expert

David Goldsmith is an award-winning businessman, consultant and adviser, author, speaker, patent holder, and President and Co-founder of the Goldsmith Organization (New York and Hong Kong), a consulting firm servicing executive clients across six continents in commerce, nonprofits, governments, militaries, and education. He is a trusted consultant and adviser to executives in some of the world’s largest companies, including Infosys, Maersk, Illinois Tool Works, Dole, KPMG,Techtronics, and Wipro, travelling more than 300,000 miles each year to improve leaders and their organizations. David’s close work with top-level decision makers and world leaders gives him a comprehensive insight into the challenges facing leadership today and enables him to challenge leaders to think differently, cross-pollinate solutions across industries, and provide practical (and sometimes counterintuitively innovative) tools and methodologies that create immediate, rapid, and sustainable results.

Though his formal education—a dual major in biology and psychology—prepped David for medical school, as his undergraduate studies neared completion, he took a detour into the world of business and never looked back. His first startups, before they were called “startups”, spanned a range of industries, earned entrepreneurial awards, and garnered international interest. His past and present accomplishments have been featured in media such as the South China Morning Post, the Japanese version of Entrepreneur Magazine, the Financial Times, CNN, and various newspapers in the US and Europe.

Currently, David is also the Co-founder of ecosystem.AI (San Francisco and London), a predictive analytics and visualization company that finds hidden value within markets; Co-founder of Buzd, LLC (San Francisco), a firm in which he is a patent holder for technological applications and products related to artificial intelligence, cell phone applications, battery technologies, and consumer products; Co-founder and CEO of TymSync, Inc. (San Diego), a forward-oriented firm that develops innovative technologies; Project Leader of an undisclosed project for NASA (Silicon Valley); and adviser and stakeholder in several cutting-edge startups globally.

David is the author of Paid to THINK: A Leader’s Toolkit for Redefining Your Future, a work described by readers as “an MBA in a book” and acclaimed by experts as a groundbreaking approach to modern leader- ship and management.

He taught at New York University for twelve years and is the recipient of its Excellence in Teaching Award. David has also taught at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and was a guest speaker for Cornell University and the Wharton School of Business for five consecutive years. Meetings Magazine, the premiere magazine for the meetings and events industry, named David as one of its 26 Hottest Speakers for his captivating, educational, and high-value Consulting from the StageTM programs delivered to leadership across diverse industries such as banking and FinTech, healthcare, nanotechnology, gaming, communications, transportation, water and sewage, consumer products and retail, and more.

David has served on the board the Veteran’s Outreach Center, delivered numerous educational series to up and-coming leaders, and hosted two telecast programs totaling 150 interviews for the Institute of Management Consultants and the National Speakers Association. He founded the New York State chapter of the National Speakers Association and grew its membership from five original members statewide to more than a thousand—quadruple the size of the next largest chapter—across four continents and 22 states within three years.

As a consultant and adviser, he works from the belief that if leaders think better, they will do better, regardless of their management level, degree of experience, industry, geography, culture, and function. As a speaker, David delivers transformative presentations on leadership and the many factors affecting it, including but not limited to forecasting, innovation, and strategy.

While David shows his clients how to achieve professional excellence, he does not subscribe to an all-work-no-play philosophy; instead, he places a strong emphasis on experiencing a high quality of life. Those who know him equally attest that he approaches every endeavor with an authentic zest to fulfill the promise on the cover of Paid to THINK: “Achieve More, Earn More, and Live More”.

Speech Topics

Asia (expansion, technology, innovation, economic and geopolitical trends, etc.)

Smart Cities (IoT, sensors, power management)


Big Data/AI (Formerly the co-founder of an AI company)

Business Growth


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Give your next group of discerning leaders a top-notch, unforgettable, life-changing program with Consulting from the Stage! Considered the gold standard of full customization by decision makers, meeting planners, and speakers’ bureaus worldwide, Consulting from the Stage challenges audiences to think differently, surprises, engages, educates, motivates, and inspires by awakening minds to expanded and sometimes counterintuitive perspectives that usher in waves of new opportunities. Consulting from the Stage? takes your event to the next level by delivering your unique audience with exact and future-focused solutions that address their specific needs. Participants always leave with proven take-away tools and accompanying instructions to ensure that they have everything they need to drive performance and results immediately upon return their return to work.

So what exactly makes Consulting from the Stage? a superior choice? David Goldsmith—businessman, consultant, author, former award-winning NYU professor, and the pioneer of Enterprise Thinking—found that too many events motivate audiences in the moment, but that after events close, most participants go back to their old ways of leading without much (if any) change. He saw that event organizers and audiences alike were spending their time, effort, and money hoping to gain a high level of value, but that both sides were unintentionally leaving boundless opportunities on the table. His answer was to develop Consulting from the StageTM, a three-phase customized presentation option that ensures leaders will gain value they very likely will not get anywhere else.

  • Phase I: Proprietary pre-presentation research precisely identifies participants’ most pressing challenges and assembles an accurate understanding of their industry’s current conditions.

  • Phase II: Information is processed and converted to a consultative presentation format, including:

a) Uncovered and generated solutions and opportunities from an overarching, holistic, leadership perspective (i.e. “50,000 feet”). Depending on circumstances and findings, this may include forecasted opportunities within and outside their industry/geography/culture so that leaders’ decisions are pro- active and stand the test of time;

b) Selection of leadership tools and accompanying instructions that become transformative take-aways.

  • Phase III: Presentation is delivered. Your audience takes a mind-jarring ride with David Goldsmith, who was named one of Meeting Magazine’s Top 26 Hottest Speakers for his ability to simultaneously educate, engage, motivate, and transform leaders in ways they never thought possible.

Increase the odds of reaching your event’s immediate strategic objectives and extend its value months and years after everyone gets back to (their new) everyday lives with powerful tools. Provide knowledge and skill-building experiences that will broaden perspectives and take your participants rapidly from where they are to where they want to be.

Consulting from the Stage has helped leaders in commerce, nonprofits, governments, militaries, and education to expand, grow, learn, innovate, enhance performance, increase productivity, outpace competitors, improve working environments, upgrade the customer experience, secure and retain talent, uncover greater opportunities, and much more.

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