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Legendary Skateboarder and Motivational Speaker

David Hackett aka DH “Dedicate, Deliver and Die Hard”

In today’s world of popularized celebrities, philanthropists and gurus, it’s hard to measure authenticity. Meaning, identifying those individuals that contribute value to this lifetime as a result of being called to do what they do rather than responding to a publicist’s request. Like most people, I tend to note that which has stood the test of time. In referencing contributors to this lifetime, I look at those with longevity as it relates to commitment. Every industry has an arsenal of warriors they would identify in this lifetime as still doing what they love versus sitting in front of the TV until some terminal illness takes them out. These are the DIEHARDS of this lifetime.
Dave Hackett aka “DH” has earned the meaning of the very acronym that identifies him mentally, physically and spiritually. Every day of his life has been perceived and pursued as an opportunity to create, to grow and to contribute to the health and well being of today’s young adults and the whole of this lifetime.

Having spent the majority of his life as a professional skateboarder and a rebel of sorts, life spared him no experiences. As a result, his legendary industry status as “DH and Hackman the Gnar” serve to impress upon the minds of others, a person overcoming all odds. Today his athletic abilities have not faded in that he continues to leave his mark on the very industry that launched his identity as early as 14 years of age. He would later go on to use his growing popularity and artistic talents as a means of designing, manufacturing, and promoting merchandise for the Skateboarding consumer. His wealth of knowledge and appreciation for those that have come before and after him in the sport is conveyed in his polished presentation as The Skateboarding Hall of Fame Emcee, a role that he has assumed for several years. At 57 years of age, he continues to make news on many fronts as his history is rich in notable achievements beyond skateboarding. He is a man of diverse talent, SOME of which include: World Champion Skateboarder in 2017, Award Winning Graphic Designer, Addiction Specialist with over 20 years of sobriety, Certified Master Life Coach and ULT Technologist, Author, Actor, Speaker, International Fine Artist and Wannabe Rockstar Guitarist.

All of this being said there still lies a Mystery behind “DH”. He is deeply dedicated to helping young adults overcome addiction. Being a cancer survivor and having lost his mother 30 years ago as a result of his younger brother stabbing her to death in their Malibu home while under the influence, he finds that with each success in helping someone get sober and lead a healthier life, many lives are exponentially saved.

David Hackett will never cease to be passionate. He will continue doing life by promoting and living it with wonder, wisdom and appreciation for another day to save a life. He is a warrior and frowns upon those who do not rise to the occasion to live life fully. He often says, “If you are Bored with Life then you are Boring”. For DH, “Life is Amazing!”.

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