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David Holloway  

Leadership, Team Building & Peak Performance Advisor; Former NFL Linebacker for Arizona Cardinals

As one of the most requested speakers in America, All Star front line competitor David Holloway has traveled over half a million miles, inspiring many of the FORTUNE 500; with his epic underdog story of overcoming adversity & winning at the highest levels.

Today, he brings peak performance practices to leaders who are committed to an extraordinary future --- giving audiences a look into the future of highly successful world-class competitors who will consistently outperform the competition.

David utilizes and shares smart, life lessons from his Walk On & NFL experiences to transform thinking within organizations and inspire championship teams.

His credibility and therefore bottom line results are based on the fact that turning around under performing teams, overcoming giant obstacles, and building championships, is something he’s done first hand. As well as grown up around…

  • His father was All-Pro & team Captain for the New England Patriots. Super Bowl XX
  • His uncle is the Provost for North Western College (former Dean of Yale)
  • His maternal grandfather Johnny ‘Pie’ McKenzie was a NHL All-Star. Won 2 Stanley Cups with the ‘Big Bad’ Boston Bruins in the 70’s
  • Great Grandfather Bill Trent was on Kennedy’s Presidential Cabinet


Speech Topics


Here David will take you on his awe-inspiring journey going from ‘Wimpy Walk On’, beating the 1 in 1.5 million odds, to becoming one of the BEST in the world! And, how he later teamed up with a grocery stock boy ( turned NFL MVP & Hall of Famer ) to take one of the worst franchises in sports history, against all odds, to their very first Super bowl!

Whether you’re a student, senior executive, or boss discovering new ways on how to overcome adversity is one of the most important business & life skills. Being better equipped with World Class conversations, tools, & strategies to meet the challenges that come your way – can make ALL the difference.

During David’s inspirational presentation he’ll also share:

  • What kept him from not quitting - while getting laughed at daily & told to “Just give up”
  • How to strategically unleash the unbelievable POWER that all ‘Underdogs’ poses
  • How to cultivate a team of support (not for weakness but for strength)
  • How to implement the proper strategy for: before – during – and after the challenges in order to fully maximize
  • 3 ways on how to use the adversity to your advantage (Passed onto David by two of The Greatest of All Time)


How do you inspire others to think and act with a World Champion mindset? What are the secrets to inspiring your good teammates to want to be great? What’s the #1 ingredient you must have in order to get everyone to buy in to the vision?

In this value packed presentation, David will share how: Elite leaders lead with elegance, service, & careful design. How they strategically grow other leaders so they don’t have to do it all. And, insider secrets from world class competitors.

David will also share with your leaders:

  • The BIG difference between - Good vs Great (Staying on your A Game)
  • Insider language to use for those who are underperforming AND for those who are at the top of their game
  • Peak Performance Habits for continual growth & development
  • 4 Key lifestyle practices to incorporate so they don’t burn out
  • Discover how to properly build other Elite Leaders so the legacy is left

“World Class Leadership is not a job… it’s a lifestyle.”


Championship TEAMS Win for a reason. They have a Winning System that brings out the Winning Attitude & releases the ultimate WINNING Edge! To maintain this over the long term – certain Dynasty codes & systems must be in place in order for that to happen.

As a 3rd generation professional athlete David’s been around, & part of, World Championship Teams & Dynasties his entire life.

In this high value presentation David will take you on the inside, where you will learn:

  • The ‘DNA’ of World Champions
  • How to create a culture that will Win & Grow in the face of massive challenge & change
  • How to build a culture that shares best practices & works FOR each other –eliminating the silos
  • How to capitalize on the most powerful & explosive asset your organization has… the TOTAL knowledge base of the TEAM
  • What a Dynasty looks like, moves like, sounds like, & feels like

This message goes far beyond the Championship Team, customers, and business -- this has to do with leaving a great Legacy & leading a "Championship Lifestyle!"


This is the foundation of David’s underdog story! For over a decade he has inspired and helped others by teaching them how to overcome the challenges, rediscover their amazing strengths, clearly see the limitless possibilities, and make the 'impossible' happen! Here David Holloway shares his secrets to maximum achievement. That will guide people to the highest level of performance - not by accident - but by clear and proper design.

David’s interactive presentation will also share:

  • 5 Steps to: Properly Designing A Bigger Future & Making it a Reality.
    • The step-by-step process on exactly how David’s vision carried him through his humble beginnings (where he was getting laughed at) and dropped him off at a place where the Best in the World were calling him “Superman”
  • Why this process & re-evaluation is Vital to long-term Success & Fulfillment
  • Why this is practice is Critical to your - Professional Life AND Personal Life (Health, Relationships, & Family)

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