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David L. Smith    

Economist, Futurist, and Market Strategist with a Global Perspective

His informative and entertaining presentations combine a broad range of disciplines: economics, future studies, finance, history, politics, science and philosophy to provide stimulating, thought-provoking economic and financial insight, accurate forecasts and profitable strategies customized to meet the needs of diverse audiences.

Economics has been described as "applied common sense" - never more so than in Dr Smith's presentations. "Telling it like it is", without jargon and using colorful slides, he enables his audiences to understand how complex economic and financial issues affect their professional and personal lives. His areas of expertise include the U.S. and global economy, U.S. monetary and fiscal policy, international trade, global energy markets, investment markets and Wall Street views of individual industries and companies.

As author of a internationally distributed newsletter, Cyclical Investing, for the past 17 years, Mr. Smith has been described as a "contrarian" because so many of his written economic and financial predictions have run counter to the prevailing views at the time. His uncanny forecasts and profitable strategies have enabled his audiences to reap handsome rewards and avoid substantial losses from numerous major events including: - The 1986 oil price crash and subsequent booming economy and financial markets; - The 1987 stock market crash and ensuing rebounding economy and stock market; - The 1990-91 Gulf War, oil price spike, stock market slump and recession; - The 1994, 1998 and 2000 stock market declines.

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Mr. Smith colors his presentations with a broad, international perspective. He can also address Spanish-speaking audiences in native Spanish. Graduating from Dartmouth College, he earned his bachelor's degree with honors in economics. After serving as a U.S. Naval officer in the Cuban blockade and doing tours in Vietnam attached to the U.S. Marine Corps, he attended the Stanford Graduate School of Business where he was awarded his master's degree with distinction in finance. His broad perspective on the world economy and financial markets was gained through a 30-year career in the investment arena, including securities analysis with a major bank and NYSE-member firm, mergers and acquisitions with an international Fortune 500 conglomerate, and national securities underwriting as president and CEO of an NASD-member firm. Since 1980 he has written and lectured extensively about the economy, financial markets and the interrelationships between their respective cycles and those of energy and technology. He is frequently quoted in the print and broadcast press, including national magazines, newspapers, CNBC, PBS and numerous local television and radio stations.


Economic And Financial Aftermath Of 9/11:

In this gripping 1-2 hour PowerPoint presentation. Smith explains what is going on in the global economy and financial markets — the good, the bad and the ugly. He describes "worst-case" and "best-case" scenarios in the aftermath of September 11. He also shows how investors and businesses can avoid surprises and deploy resources so as to avoid losses and capture profits in volatile times. If you want "nothing but blue skies", try a sunshine pundit; however, if you want to know what is really going on and how to survive it, listen to David L. Smith.

Wall Street View: Your Industry, Your Company.

Chairman Greenspan, Maestro Or Wizard Of Oz?

Principles For Investment Success.

Profit And Peril At The Turn Of The Century:

Dr Smith begins by revealing how energy and technology have shaped the five previous transformations of the human enterprise. These insights offer valuable "lessons of history", keeping in mind George Santayana's admonition: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". Grasping these lessons enables us to understand the present, imagine the future and successfully navigate foreseeable economic and financial events which we will face professionally and personally. Current economic and financial conditions are described and near-term forecasts presented, linked to the sectors of the economy and markets of interest to the audience. A long-term vision is offered of what the world will look like economically as energy and technology again complete their transforming work, producing an electronic high-tech world, driven eventually by hydrogen. Specific "sunrise sectors" holding enduring economic promise will be identified. The fate of "sunset industries" is also discussed. As in previous transformations, the one now unfolding holds both enormous promise and potentially catastrophic risks. An informed and logical appraisal of future profit and peril is presented, taking into account the uncertainties of the future. The presentation concludes with customized corporate and personal strategies calculated to optimize returns and avoid losses as we proceed through the early years of the 21st Century.


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