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Best-selling Author, Speaker & Physician; Stress Mastery

Best-selling author, speaker and physician, Dr. David Posen, is one of North America's leading experts on stress mastery, work-life balance, health and wellness.

Dr. Posen is the author best-selling book, The Little Book of Stress Relief. His other popular book titles include Is Work Killing You?, Always Change a Losing Game, Staying Afloat When Water Gets Rough, and most recently, Authenticity. His magazine articles have appeared in Canadian Living and Readers Digest as well as several medical journals.  He wrote a weekly column on stress and lifestyle management for a year on the popular website www.canoe.ca. Dr. Posen has appeared many times on TV and radio across Canada and has been quoted in many leading U.S. magazines such as Redbook, Cosmopolitan, People, McCall’s, Men’s Health and USA Weekend.

A graduate of the University of Toronto Medical School in 1967, Dr. Posen was involved in a research project in San Francisco before interning in Edmonton, Alberta. After a year of general practice in the Canadian Arctic, he spent a year practicing in Jerusalem. In 1971, he started a family practice in Oakville, Ontario. In 1985, Dr. Posen gave up his general practice to devote his time exclusively to stress management, lifestyle counseling and psychotherapy. 

Dr. Posen’s dynamic presentations have empowered thousands of people to take control of their lives...and come out on top. His unique personal style - combining humour and practical analogies - helps unlock the mysteries of stress and wellness. There's no quick fix for mastering stress and change. But creative and effective strategies exist which can be learned by everyone. Dr. David Posen teaches people how.

Speech Topics

Be Good to Yourself AND the Bottom Line

In today’s dynamic work world, a staggering number of people choose to take care of business instead of taking care of themselves. Not only is it a bad personal decision, but in the end it’s just as destructive for the business. The reality is that good health and self-care can not only co-exist with business success, but actually promote it. With a little persuasion and a touch of humour, David will show you how to be good to yourself and improve the bottom line.

Get a Grip. You Have More Control Than You Think

There are lots of things we don’t control: the weather, the economy, government policy and other people’s behaviour. But there are others we do command: the way we behave, how we think and the lifestyle choices we make. The lesson? Take more control in those areas and good things will start to happen.

Join Dr David Posen for a thoroughly enjoyable yet informative session focused on enhancing your energy, building resilience and taking control of your life.

The Lifestyle Balancing Act

With all the demands made on us by work, family and friends, finding a comfortable work-life balance can seem like a utopian dream. Take heart. Throughout this fully enjoyable and lively session, Dr. Posen has a trunk full of strategies to achieve it.

David helps us to envision what a pleasing balance would look like and teaches us that our jobs are not our lives. It’s all about balance – balancing time, energy and the way we look at ourselves.

Taking Care of the Caregiver

People in the “helping professions” – nurses, doctors, the clergy, etc., - have always known that caregiving is draining, both physically and emotionally. But the same applies to people caring for elderly or ailing relatives or those with special needs. How can caregivers continue to give support if they’re not paying attention to their own needs?

Designed to benefit both professionals and non-professionals alike, Dr Posen’s presentation helps caregivers understand the importance of reducing stress, caring for personal needs and putting a little breathing room back into life.

Running on Empty: Manage Your Energy, Manage Your Stress

Bank accounts work on a simple premise: you have to put money in before you can take money out. Our bodies are exactly the same. How can you keep drawing on stress energy when there’s nothing in the bank?

This could be the most revealing time you’ll spend in years. David Posen M.D. explains how acute stress generates quick energy, yet chronic stress drains it. Using the players in the NHL as his examples, he demonstrates the link between increasing energy and reducing stress; and he does it all with rock-solid logic and a good dose of humour.

Stress Mastery

Stress is a fact of life – but it doesn’t have to be a way of life. Many people use the word without actually understanding what it means. In this clarifying and reassuring presentation, Dr. Posen demystifies the subject by explaining the fundamentals of stress theory without the jargon and then, most importantly, what to do about it. Filled with insights and “aha” moments, David will make stress less intimidating and give you tips and techniques to master it.

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Treating Workplace Stress: A Doctor’s Prescription

As the pace of work continues to increase, the economy sputters and jobs are in short supply,organizations and the people who run them keep ramping up the stress levels on their employees. Some workers wear their stress like a badge of honour; others resign themselves to what they see as the “new normal” and accept the situation as “the way it is”.

The real truth is that workplaces are making people sick. Not enough people are talking about it, and when they do, no one is listening.

Join best selling author and renowned speaker on stress, David Posen MD, for a revealing look at workplace stress - what’s causing it and what can cure it.

Round Pegs. Square Holes. The Stress of Trying to Be What You’re Not.

Today’s world is full of big expectations. The pace is fast, there’s too much work and the pressures to perform are high. It’s no wonder people become disconnected from themselves and the normal rhythms of living.

Everywhere we look we see people who can’t understand why they are stressed: people with schedules they can’t handle; exhausted introverts trying to be more outgoing; high school students trying to learn at 8:00 in the morning when they’re half-asleep; people in careers they don’t like.

When individuals struggle to be what they’re not designed or inclined to be, the result is high stress, poor health, low performance and general unhappiness. They are round pegs trying to fit into square holes.

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