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David Webster  

Emmy Award Winning Global Speaker/Trainer and Corporate Communication Specialist

David Webster is an Emmy-Award-Winning global speaker and trainer who has enjoyed an extensive and successful career to date. Currently, he delivers more than fifty speeches and workshops per year.

David is fortunate enough to have gained a reputation and a VHTA "Rising Pineapple" Award for performing very powerful speeches.

His workshops provoke more sustainable positive behavioral change than competing communication trainers because his approach is not rhetorical.

He leaves each attendee with exact methods and tools for positive persuasion, workplace harmony, client satisfaction and increased sales.

​​With a few staff-wide agreements in place, overall behavior drastically improves and revenue increases immediately.

David Webster's feedback scores are always most impressive!


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Speech Topics

Mastering Communication Skills

Where is the class, where is the coach for “How to positively persuade another person in conversation? Would you believe?... When a person speaks to you, they don’t remember your words very much. 57% of what they remember of your message is how you look, 35% of what they remember is how you sound and only 8% of what is remembered are the words you say.. In this speech, I show people how to have their 57%(body) and their 35% (tone) perfectly proper for positive reception. Then, I discuss the practice of an exact method for “Flipping” people we speak to from feeling bad to feeling good from saying “No,” to saying,”Yes.” I take the audience through the process which helped me discover the art of managing personal emotion, life quality and financial success.

Your Life, Your Future!

Without a plan, without a map…
how will you arrive at your chosen goals? Why do we get up each day? With exciting and attainable goals to wake up to and a daily process for getting in a good mood, our lives can change dramatically for the better. This speech outlines the difference between those who utilize effective daily life planning and those who do not. I delve into the steps, proven by a Harvard University study, to take in order to manage your day and your future. We must be reminded that we work for ourselves and our loved ones. We must revisit our intrinsic potential for happiness.

Emotional Regulation

“To be in the way of making other people’s lives better is the highest state we can achieve,” said a yogi to me once.

What we think about in the morning becomes how we feel. How we feel becomes how we act. How we act is how other people view us. if we control what we think about each morning, we control our reputation.

Enlighten your staff to a new age at work where healing negative people is simple and rewarding for those who know exactly how to do it.
Here we take a look at the mistakes and discoveries that lead us to a better way of relating to each other in business and in life.

The Zen of getting “Yes” in sales.

No one seems to have accurate terms to describe what happens in the mind during sales. Here, I break down various energetic levels of the mind when communicating. The answer “Yes” makes things easy during sales but how do we set up the energy of our client to allow the greatest possibility of getting the answer “Yes.” Meditation teaches us to release our physical and mental tension allowing the ever-existing underlying energy which defines us to be recognized. In other words you sense yourself when you stop thinking.

With a bit of practice one can become very sensitive to their own state of being. Once this becomes a comfortable practice for a person they can begin to shift their powers of sensitivity over to other people. The best way to gain a positive result when talking to people (especially when selling) is to tune in to their frequency and guide them toward a good or better feeling. In this speech I discuss ways of doing this.

Improvisational dynamics for business.

In 1990 I began performing Improv comedy on stage at Second City Chicago. Chris Farley and Tim Meadows were kicking around about the same time. I later broke the world record selling out 1500 Improv comedy shows in a row, 600 shows were taped for TV. I have trained over 10,000 various business staff members and management using more than 100 improv exercises from Second City or from my own devising. In this speech I will discuss the technique of beneficially employing Improv in business communication and I play a game or two to make points and keep things lively.

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