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Overcome Emotional Sabotage, at Work and at Home

Deborah Ivanoff, The BEING Coach, has an upbeat, engaging style that groups love. Known for delivering powerful tools in fun interactive ways that are fresh each time because she involves the audience in the presentation itself, Deborah tailors each presentation to meet your needs.

Author, Master Life-Work Coach, Certified Mediator, Facilitator, Trainer; Deborah has worked with thousands of professionals, corporate groups, realtors and entrepreneurs from all over the world to teach them how to overcome emotional overwhelm and get back into productive action.

She is the author of the books, Manifest At Light Speed: An Introduction to Self-Coaching and How To Make More Good Stuff Happen, a Law of Attraction workbook for tweens and their parents, that she wrote with her daughter, Abigail.

Deborah has a personal story that illustrates that anyone can challenge the "impossible" and create a life according to their own design when they learn the skills to manage and use their emotions rather than avoid them.

Speech Topics

3 Secrets to Managing Your Time Effectively, A Unique Approach

Worried about getting it all done--or feeling frustrated by too much to do? Learn a unique approach to mastering your To Do list!

This presentation will help you avoid time wasters and get more of what you want done.

Here's what you'll be taking away from this event:

• The #1 mistake people make that costs them time and creates frustration • 3 secrets to get regain control of your time and accomplish more • and so much more!

Everyday Courage At Work and Home

When you think of heroic acts of courage, you may imagine men leaping out of helicopters to rescue children in the raging sea, Wonder Woman dodging bullets with her cuffs of steel, or a speaker who moved an entire nation with new ideas and words of inspiration.

So then, what is Everyday Courage?

That's the very topic explored in an uplifting, interactive and inspiring facilitation that relies on the experiences of members of the group to shine the light on our daily bravery.

“Fear of Rejection” Cure

What's the number one "fear" professionals don't want to talk about, all the while wanting to increase their numbers of sales?

That's right, the fear of rejection!

We want so much to feel good about our interactions with others that it can literally keep us from the very success we seek.

In this powerful, interactive presentation, we bravely face our fears, together and explore what's really behind our fear of interacting with others in the professional and personal arenas.

But we don't stop with simple understanding. Together we construct a 3 step plan to conquer your fears and reach the other side where there is more connection, safety, and even enjoyment no matter your situation or profession.

Overcoming Emotional Sabotage

You can have every single advantage- the best vision, expert talent, the most resources, the perfect plan, the best team (or partner) and more- but if challenging emotions are not addressed, you will not experience lasting success.

My mission is to help you solve the #1 problem that keeps you stuck, overwhelmed, and operating at a fraction of your true potential. It’s not a single strategy, tactic, fad technique or complex process.

It’s simple (but profound). I help you stop avoiding “negative” emotions and harness the true power of yourself and the people around you.

Solving the #1 problem can create big results- no matter how long you’ve felt stuck or stressed.

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